People Aren't All Bad

Tonight the daughter and I went off to the evil Walmart to pick up a few things.  She didn't want to come with me but she wanted me to pick her up some things.  I told her she had to come or I wouldn't get the things she wanted.  I'm not her personal slave.

She says she'll come and off we go.  We only had a few things to get so it didn't take long.  One of the daughter's friends was working the check out so we chatted with her for a few minutes and then left.  When we got home I asked the daughter to hand me my purse.  She looked down and said it wasn't there.  She checked the hatch and it wasn't there either.

Now I have had nightmares about losing my purse, lots of nightmares.  I have never once in my entire life lost or misplaced my purse.  But tonight I left it in the shopping cart in the Walmart parking lot.  I even returned the cart to the cart return area so how I didn't manage to see that purse sitting right there in the top of the card, I have no idea.

I almost had a panic attack racing back to the store to see if I could find my purse.  I broke every speed limit all the way back.  We got there and checked where I had returned the cart but alas it wasn't there.  A lady coming out of the store asked me if I had lost a purse because she had just returned one to the Customer Service desk inside!  Now I asked her name and thanked her profusely.  I still knew that the purse may have been rifled through and things stolen out of it before the nice women returned it.  Or the people at the customer service desk may not be honest and could have taken things out.

We got my purse and I checked inside.  Nothing was gone and my phone was still there.  My phone is unlocked too because it takes way too long to unlock it each time you use the dang thing.  I also had a $100 bill in my wallet.  It's my lucky money.  It's money I got for my birthday two years ago and keep so I can always feel like I have some money.  It's kind of like emergency money but I try not to spend it and so far I've managed it for 2 years. 

I'm seriously feeling old and stupid lately.  My daughter was such a sweet girl trying to keep me calm by saying it will still be there and not to worry.  But my heart was pounding and I was so worried that I wouldn't get it back and would have to replace everything in it.  I'm pretty sure losing your purse is every woman's worst nightmare.

Help me feel less stupid and tell me you've lost your purse or left it somewhere.  My husband tried to make me feel less stupid by reminding me of the story of the time he locked the keys inside the car while it was still running and he was downtown.  He never takes the phone with him so he had to run all the way home (it's only about a 7 minute walk) to get my keys.  Can you imagine walking by a car with no one in it parked nicely but still running?  I'm sure a few people wondered where the driver went and why he or she left their car running.

I'm off to bed because it's almost 1:30am and I hardly slept last night due to our extreme heat.  We are expected to get temps in the 40'sC this weekend.  Global warming really, really sucks.


There is absolutely NO worse feeling than leaving your purse behind somewhere. I know exactly how that sick feeling of panic and dread feels like! I've done it several times and so far, I've been lucky and recovered my purse intact. But it starts happening more and more as we age -- that's the bad news. We get so easily distracted as we age. That's the real culprit, I think.
Mama Pea said…
Whew! And yes, there still are good people out there. And yes, again, I think losing your purse IS every woman's nightmare. Often I think I should make a list of what is in my purse and what I would have to replace if I ever did lose it. (I really must do that! Be prepared and all.) I've never lost a purse but I did have my billfold stolen (in high school and it was probably my fault due to carelessness) and I still remember how devastated I felt about that. So glad this turned out well for you!
Birdie said…
Oh, god. That feeling like the world is spinning out of control. So glad you found it!

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