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Back Soon

Sorry I'm not posting but things have conspired to make my life too busy right now.  I'll post about it in a few days.  I am reading blogs and trying to post comments when I can.  Stay safe and happy.

How to Pick Your Veggies

I've been reading blogs from people pouring over seed catalogues.  In my spot of the world there will be no planting of veggies for many months, most likely May, April at the very earliest.  But now I've caught the seed bug too.  I've been looking for seeds for my planned raised bed veggies.

What I wonder is how ever do people decide on what to plant.  Sure we'll plant tomatoes, we already do.  We tuck those plants in amongst the flowers.  We don't grow root crops because the soil here is contaminated with heavy metals from out local smelter.  But I think I'll be okay with new soil in my raised beds so the carrots I've been craving will get planted.  Cucumber does well tucked in the flower gardens so we'll do another vine or two there.  I want to plant some lettuce.

That's as far as I've got.  I'd like to plant peas but I don't think I'll have enough room.  Squash is not a big fave with my family although I don't mind it.  Squash…

Didn't Happen

Nope, I didn't get the kitchen done this past week.  I didn't even start!  See it's this distraction thing.  I get myself all organized to do one thing and then something else comes along and takes over.  The husband was home for most of the week and got in my way.  I wasn't feeling great all week, not sure why but I've been so tired lately and a nap doesn't help much.  And then in the evening the kid's have needed help with homework and studying.  I know more about volanoes and earthquakes and could ace that test! 

The weather has been rainy and  gloomy.  You can barely tell it's daytime out there.  It's supposed to be a bit more sunny this week.  I'd prefer snow but if not snow then sun will do.  Don't like rain unless it's been really hot and it cools things down.

So the kitchen is still on my list.  I've taken my vitamins, am going to bed at a reasonable time and walking some.  Hopefully that will help bring back some energy to m…

Second Try

Just heard tickets go on sale for a band from my husband's and my youth, April Wine.  We tried to see them a few years ago at a dance bar but they ended up not playing because the stage was too small and money from tickets was refunded.  I was right upset at the time because I'd booked a babysitter and made special arrangements to go out with the husband that night only to find out, once there that the band was a no show!

Well they are playing in our small town in a theatre so we can take the kids!  The kids don't really want to go but we are taking them anyway.  There is something about live music that is magical and since they are both taking music lessons it's time they saw what good old rock'n roll was like.  Plus there hasn't been any bands playing in the theatre that we could take them to.  My parents are thrilled that Roy Clarke is coming but I'm not a huge fan of Country music.  I'm more into blues, rock, classical but if pressed will listen to …

It's Time

Time to get serious about cleaning the house that is.  I just finished getting rid of all our old paperwork and bills that we don't need to keep.  I've sorted through all the kids' stuff that I keep in their files.  I have a half a garbage bag of paper that needs to be burned or shredded.  I need to go through all my old bank statements and get rid of lots of them.  I think you only need to keep those for 3 or was it 5 years?  I'm so glad I've gone paperless now and don't have to store all that paper anymore but I've still got all that paper from the years before that I have to keep.

After the paper purge comes the kitchen cupboard clean out.  All those opened packets of stuff that have been sitting in the cupboards for who knows how long, out it goes!  I'll vacuum and wipe the cupboards down after I've purged all the old stuff.  Reorganizing goes along with the purging. 

After the kitchen I'll do the bathroom.  It's small and doesn't ha…

Boring Will Do For Now

I guess 12:19am could be considered late night.  I know all you hard working early birds are sleeping soundly in your beds cause you have to jump out of bed and get cracking.  Me I've never jumped out of bed in my life.  I pretty much crawl out and wish I could sleep for another 8 hours.  I'd kinda like to jump out of bed feeling well rested and energized, I actually wonder what that would feel like.  It must be nice to get up and feel great.  I am barely breathing until around noon.

I try not to go to bed too late but sometimes I just can't sleep.  I do force myself to get up at a reasonable hour so no laying in bed all day for me.  The husband does let me sleep in sometimes and I do the same for him.  He's more a morning person than me and always has been.  He gets up and is ready for his day.  Some days he doesn't even need a shower in the morning!  I always have to shower cause it's one of the many ways I use to wake myself up.  I don't drink coffee in …

No More Waiting

I find myself waiting a lot.  I'm waiting for the kids to go back to school so I can get some work done or I'm waiting for the husband to go to work so I can get some work done.  Or I'm waiting until we have enough money to do something.  I am perpetually waiting and frankly I'm tired of it.

2011 is going to be the year I'm not waiting for anybody or anything.  Nothing is going to get in my way.  I am going to find a new house and not having enough money to buy it is not going to stop me.  I'll find a way.  I will be 48 this year and don't have time to wait anymore.  Life is passing me by so it's time I stop waiting and get busy.

Sorry if I don't spell check my posts as closely as I should.  I don't have time to waste trying to be perfect.  You all know I'm not so if I make a grammatical error or spell a word incorrectly well forgive me I'm in a hurry.  I've got things to do and people to see. 

Now this doesn't mean I'm not  …