Second Try

Just heard tickets go on sale for a band from my husband's and my youth, April Wine.  We tried to see them a few years ago at a dance bar but they ended up not playing because the stage was too small and money from tickets was refunded.  I was right upset at the time because I'd booked a babysitter and made special arrangements to go out with the husband that night only to find out, once there that the band was a no show!

Well they are playing in our small town in a theatre so we can take the kids!  The kids don't really want to go but we are taking them anyway.  There is something about live music that is magical and since they are both taking music lessons it's time they saw what good old rock'n roll was like.  Plus there hasn't been any bands playing in the theatre that we could take them to.  My parents are thrilled that Roy Clarke is coming but I'm not a huge fan of Country music.  I'm more into blues, rock, classical but if pressed will listen to pretty much anything especially live music.

The husband and I went to see Colin James a blues rock musician who is well known in Canada about 4 years ago.  I've seen him several times and always enjoy his shows.  The guy can play guitar plus there is something about his voice that I love.  Anyway it won't be until April that April Wine plays but we are getting four tickets tomorrow when they go on sale and if the kids won't go we'll find some other oldsters who remember this band from their youth and take them.

I used to go to concerts all the time especially when I lived in Vancouver.  I even met Bryan Adams and a few other musicians.  I've got pictures to prove it too.  LOL!  My husband plays blues/rock guitar but recently bought a classical guitar and has been learning new tunes on that via youTube.  YouTube is a wonder to me cause you can find video to teach you anything on it. 

This should be great fun and I'm sure even if the kids are resistant at first they'll enjoy the pure magic of seeing a good band do something they've been doing for over 25 years and doing well.


Erin said…
I think that's fantastic! They will love it once they are there even if they won't admit it! My dad took me to see Tom Petty, The Grateful Dead AND Bob Dylan together in concert when I was only 14 so you can do it! My dad is a blues musician and has been in a band since the 60's so music has always been part of our lives and even though I used to think going to hear music with him when I was a tween/teen was cheesy, I am so thankful now that I had parents that did that! You are a good mama to push this on them, they'll thank you one day! Bonus YOU get to have FUN!
Sparkless said…
That is so cool Erin, to have family who are musicians. We don't get many bands coming to our small town so we have to take advantage of them when they do and also support them by buying tickets.

My parents never took me to a concernt but they did drive me to many of them with my friends.

I know the daughter will enjoy it but the son is another matter, him being almost 15 and so grown up. LOL!
Mama Pea said…
What a fun thing to look forward to. Bind, gag, tie-up the kids but make sure they go with you and hubby. As Erin says, they might not admit it, but it will be an experience they will enjoy and remember. May this be the first of many concerts the four of you attend together!

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