Boring Will Do For Now

I guess 12:19am could be considered late night.  I know all you hard working early birds are sleeping soundly in your beds cause you have to jump out of bed and get cracking.  Me I've never jumped out of bed in my life.  I pretty much crawl out and wish I could sleep for another 8 hours.  I'd kinda like to jump out of bed feeling well rested and energized, I actually wonder what that would feel like.  It must be nice to get up and feel great.  I am barely breathing until around noon.

I try not to go to bed too late but sometimes I just can't sleep.  I do force myself to get up at a reasonable hour so no laying in bed all day for me.  The husband does let me sleep in sometimes and I do the same for him.  He's more a morning person than me and always has been.  He gets up and is ready for his day.  Some days he doesn't even need a shower in the morning!  I always have to shower cause it's one of the many ways I use to wake myself up.  I don't drink coffee in the morning cause it doesn't help me, only gives me a growly gut.

Wow!  That's two paragraphs on me not being a morning person.  I'm sure I've rambled about it many times before but I don't have anything else to talk about and I can't sleep.  Reading only keeps me up and listening to music makes me want to sing and dance so no good for relaxation.  I could dig out a meditation cd and try that but I hate when I fall asleep with my headphones on and the cd player running.  Wears out my batteries and I've crunched a few headphones sleeping on them.  Ear buds fall out so I don't like those.

I'm either going to bore myself to death typing this drivel or put anyone who is reading this to sleep.  I should just go back to bed and delete this post but I haven't posted anything in awhile so I'll leave it.  Hey, I never promised to write stimulating things all the time.  Sometimes life is just plain old boring and I'm fine with that cause there's only two other alternatives, really crappy or really good and I'm trying to stay away from the first one so boring will do for now.  Nighty, night.


Erin said…
Ha! I'm good for a rambling post every now and then too! My problem is that I am a morning AND night person, so sometimes that catches up with me!
Sparkless said…
A morning and a night person! So does that that means you don't sleep much Erin?
My husband can get by on 6 hours of sleep and feel fine. Me I'd be dragging my behind all day with only 6 hours of sleep.
Erin said…
yep, about 6 hours is good for me! I'm a little worried now that menopause is bearing down... will I now need to NEVER sleep LOL? Think of all the random useless stuff I could do in the middle of the night hahaha!
Mama Pea said…
Rambling posts sometimes help get stuff out that needs to see the light of day. I know I've written posts and then deleted them because I thought they were just drivel BUT the good thing about them was that seeing the words in black and white sometimes solved a problem for me or enabled me to see things more objectively. What I'm trying to say is I don't think it's a bad thing to use us out here in blogland as a listening post or sounding board. What are friends for??

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