Didn't Happen

Nope, I didn't get the kitchen done this past week.  I didn't even start!  See it's this distraction thing.  I get myself all organized to do one thing and then something else comes along and takes over.  The husband was home for most of the week and got in my way.  I wasn't feeling great all week, not sure why but I've been so tired lately and a nap doesn't help much.  And then in the evening the kid's have needed help with homework and studying.  I know more about volanoes and earthquakes and could ace that test! 

The weather has been rainy and  gloomy.  You can barely tell it's daytime out there.  It's supposed to be a bit more sunny this week.  I'd prefer snow but if not snow then sun will do.  Don't like rain unless it's been really hot and it cools things down.

So the kitchen is still on my list.  I've taken my vitamins, am going to bed at a reasonable time and walking some.  Hopefully that will help bring back some energy to my day cause if this keeps up you could grow grass on me I'm so slow!

I'd post more but I'm too tired.


Erin said…
What is it with husbands and kids LOL? Last weekend I got NOTHING done since they were "underfoot", it seems like they sap my energy and creativity by just looking at them sometimes, I'm exhausted! They are all back in school today so I'll be cleaning another room and taking advantage of it :) Funny though, come summer I get more done with them since I need their help outside in the garden, and there is plenty more "space" out there so we aren't stealing each other's personal space LOL
Sparkless said…
It's our small houses. Too many people clutter up the place. When I try to organize stuff I have to spread it all out and I can't do that with everyone needing to use the table to eat off of or the floor to walk on or the couch to sit on. So I bide my time and wait until they are not home to get stuff done.

I'm hoping they will help with the garden but so far just the husband does that.
Erin said…
You know exactly! I always have to spread everything out before I can accomplish anything LOL!

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