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Interesting Developments

So this one woman on the board who is the Fundraising Director is resigning, I'm the Secretary and I'm resigning and now Little Hittler who is the Treasurer/Bookkeeper is resigning too.  All three of us are supposed to go meet with the President tomorrow evening to hand him our resignations.  I'm wondering if Little Hittler will back out though.  She's resigned a few times before but really I don't care anymore.  I'll be done by tomorrow night then I can go back to being just a parent and I like that role the best.


Sometimes a day can change your perspective.  One of the new people I'm on the board with has decided to quit at the end of Dec.  She can't believe the level of disrespect shown from staff to board members.  She is so disgusted that she is done and has drafted her letter of resignation.  Just hearing her say everything that I have been feeling is enough for me to follow suit.  I am also writing up my letter of resignation and will bring it to the next meeting.

I should have done this last year or the year before but I felt guilty about leaving because there was no one to take my place.  Now I don't care if there is anyone to take my place.  If there is fine if not I'm fine with that too.  My talents can be better used elsewhere and it's better for me and my family if I resign as it's taken it's toll.

Whew I feel like a weight has lifted off my shoulders.  Now I just need to clean up all the paperwork I haven't filed and make sure everything is ready for…

The Mail

Today was a bad day.  It's night right now but it was a very bad day and I'm glad it's over.  Started out with more stuff from the board I'm on.  Went on with a huge fight with the husband and ended with me getting the mail to find a interim school report from the son's school.  It seems he's not been handing in assignments in Social Studies and is failing French and not doing very well in English either. 

He was warned about not handing in assignments.   He was told that if we found he was not handing in assignments like he did last year all his video games would be taken away until the next report card.  So that's what we had to do.  This is a boy who lives for his video games still at 14 years old.  He'd rather stay home and play games than do just about anything else.  We do limit the amount of time he's allowed to play these games so we aren't total crap parents.  But now we are going to have to deal with a 6'1" tall 14 year old bo…

Think Positive

That's my new motto "think positive."  Cause there sure hasn't been anything positive going on lately to think about.  The board I'm on had a meeting and it was another disaster with the head coach trying to tell the board what it can and cannot do.  Well excuse me buddy but you are our employee and if you make one more rude comment to a board member we just might fire your butt!  That's what I thought in my head but it didn't come out my lips.  This guy is a total jerk and that's enough said about him and that whole situation.

Because of that situation I find myself eating Halloween candy.  There is a pile of candy wrappers sitting right next to me.  I know, I should put the box back and step away from the candy but I eat when I'm upset, a very bad habit.  I should know by now not to buy the Halloween candy too early and to buy candy I don't like.

The husband's job isn't going very well.  He has one part time job and one casual on cal…

Too Good to Be True

Yes, it was all a fake out as usual.  Little Hittler is not resigning.  I should have known cause she's done this before.  Every time things get a bit much for her or something goes wrong and it just might possibly be her fault she gets all whiny and says she's going to resign.  We don't really want her to resign we want her to do her job and stop trying to control everything.  She does stuff without telling anyone and makes deals that she doesn't tell anyone about with the coach.  Stuff goes on and the rest of the board never hears about it.  I wouldn't even put it past her and the coach to be stealing money.  It would be very easy for them to do this.

Anyway it's raining today and I'm stuck inside with the kids.  The husband is at work all weekend.  I'm making my son help me do some chores cause he's big and strong and my back is not in good shape.  He can move boxes around for me.  Actually I like doing chores with my son better than my husband. …

Hold Your Breath!

Little Hittler may be resigning!  Is it wrong to be happy about it?  She got caught out lying about something and is all up in arms trying to deflect it.  Now she wants everyone to beg her to stay.  A few might but mostly not.  The shit is gonna hit the fan again and it's all because of her.  She's done this before, threatened to quit, but never has.  So I wonder if she'll really do it this time or wait until the AGM which is the regular time to resign, not in the middle of the season leaving everyone in the lurch.  That's just bad manners.

Not Again! Dumb!

This stupid board I'm on is going nuts again.  This one woman I refer to as Little Hittler (yes I know I've spelled it wrong but I don't want anyone at my blog who is searching out that name) and our Head Coach are at it again.  They are both control freaks and are constantly going at each other or at someone else.  They both have serious personality disorders and they are wearing me down.  My resignation is written and may be handed in if this doesn't stop soon.  It's been nothing but fighting and bickering since the beginning of Sept. Dumb!

Add to that my husband who can't do anything on his own.  We set up a new account at the bank and they called to ask a question.  Instead of him answering it he made me call the woman back.  Well sheesh he could have answered that himself!!  His excuse was that I would have gotten mad if he answered the question wrong.  Ummm so you are making decisions based on something that hasn't happened?  Dumb!

Then I slipped and …

Breaking the Law

I'm usually the one who always drives the speed limit and never breaks the law, but yesterday I found out I'd been breaking the law for almost a month!!  I had forgotten to get my drivers license renewed!  So I'd been driving around with an expired license since my birthday in mid Sept. 

The good news is I did manage to get in and get it renewed today.  I even had my husband drive me there cause I didn't want to break the law anymore.  After having my picture taken and paying $75 I am good for another 5 years.

But that wasn't good enough.  I had to go to the police office and get a criminal record check too.  This was for the board I'm on and is a new thing that we are all having to do.  Not like I have anything to hide but of course you need picture ID which I do not have, not even a passport.  I'll bring my new license in when it comes in a couple of weeks and they will have my criminal record check for me then and take a photocopy of it.  Sheesh I'm …


Do you ever get so tired you can't keep your eyes open and fall asleep sitting up?  We laugh at all the elderly folks who fall asleep like this.  They are unable to stay awake and fall asleep right in the middle of a social visit or gathering.   I'm starting to feel this way too though.  I find myself starting to nod off at family gatherings and while watching tv in the evening.  Sometimes in the middle of the afternoon I feel like this.  I feel like the only thing I can do is to fall asleep no matter how much I want to do something else.

I find this very puzzling and frustrating.  I'm getting enough sleep but maybe it's something with my diet or the weather?  I feel like a fat cat dozing off and on all day long but never feeling totally awake and alive. 

There's so much to do and I don't want to miss any of October because September disappeared in the blink of an eye and I want to savour October.  I've been meaning to get out to take some Autumn shots wit…

You Are Green With Envy

Yup, you are green with envy cause I have the entire week to myself!  The kids are at school and the husband has shifts booked at work.  And you know what the really good part is?  The husband gets off at 2:30pm so he's home in time to help with supper, homework, and kid activities.  I'm not all on my own this week yet I get just enough alone time for it to be perfect.

So you just have to be green with envy or even a little jealous maybe?  I know I'd be green with envy if someone told me what I just told you.  Now I just have to figure out how to balance my relax time with all the things I'd like to get done and my week will be absolutely perfect.

I don't want to waste one minute of all this alone time.  I should do something else and get off this computer.  I could read a book, do the laundry, shave my legs (I've let them go entirely too long and I'm starting to feel like a gorilla!), or maybe I'll just do the laundry.  It doesn't matter cause I ca…

I Smiled

I've just realized that I have been blogging since 2006.  That makes it 4 years!  I can't believe it.  So I decided to look back and see what the heck I wrote about.

Several thoughts came to mind as I read some of my old posts.

1.  What a big old whiner I am.  Sheesh!

2.  That sometimes I actually make sense.

4.  And a couple of my posts made me smile.  I actually enjoyed them all over again.  Wow!

5.  That I write more about my son than my daughter.

6.  That you might get the impression that I actually hate and despise my husband.  Well some days I might but most of the time I'm just annoyed with him and would like him to grow a brain.  Oops did that sound whiney or did it make you smile?  Either way I win cause they are both on my list!

7.  That if I keep blogging I may actually get a couple more people to follow me if I can stop whining about my husband long enough to write something interesting.

8.  What happened in 2007?  There are only two posts.  Guess I didn't …