Not Again! Dumb!

This stupid board I'm on is going nuts again.  This one woman I refer to as Little Hittler (yes I know I've spelled it wrong but I don't want anyone at my blog who is searching out that name) and our Head Coach are at it again.  They are both control freaks and are constantly going at each other or at someone else.  They both have serious personality disorders and they are wearing me down.  My resignation is written and may be handed in if this doesn't stop soon.  It's been nothing but fighting and bickering since the beginning of Sept. Dumb!

Add to that my husband who can't do anything on his own.  We set up a new account at the bank and they called to ask a question.  Instead of him answering it he made me call the woman back.  Well sheesh he could have answered that himself!!  His excuse was that I would have gotten mad if he answered the question wrong.  Ummm so you are making decisions based on something that hasn't happened?  Dumb!

Then I slipped and fell in the shower.  Stupid husband must have used a large amount of soap or something because the tub was slick and I fell onto my knees and the side of the tub on my ribs.  Instead of him asking if I was okay he immediately started to say he didn't do anything.... leads me to believe that he did.  Why lie?  Dumb!

The weather is amazing right now though and I keep meaning to get out and take some pictures but I'm always stuck at this computer working on something for that dumb board or for my family.  I think I'll let them all take a flying leap and I'm going out to take pictures before the winter weather hits and our lovely Fall is gone.


Erin said…
Your husband's response to you falling in the shower just serves to reinforce my belief that our men are nothing more than tall children, LOL! I hope you are okay? What type of board are you on? I have been involved in something that was a volunteer basis before and it was constant bickering and one time I was reduced to tears... hubby finally said "just don't do it anymore"... one of the few intelligent remarks he's made, LOL!!!
Sparkless said…
Yup, men are tall children. I think I'll take your husbands advise and figure out a way to get off this board before the end of the season. I have told them I am done in June 2011 when the next AGM is but I'd like to have a "health concern" or a "work increasing so no time" thing come up so I have to leave early, if you know what I mean. wink wink.

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