Breaking the Law

I'm usually the one who always drives the speed limit and never breaks the law, but yesterday I found out I'd been breaking the law for almost a month!!  I had forgotten to get my drivers license renewed!  So I'd been driving around with an expired license since my birthday in mid Sept. 

The good news is I did manage to get in and get it renewed today.  I even had my husband drive me there cause I didn't want to break the law anymore.  After having my picture taken and paying $75 I am good for another 5 years.

But that wasn't good enough.  I had to go to the police office and get a criminal record check too.  This was for the board I'm on and is a new thing that we are all having to do.  Not like I have anything to hide but of course you need picture ID which I do not have, not even a passport.  I'll bring my new license in when it comes in a couple of weeks and they will have my criminal record check for me then and take a photocopy of it.  Sheesh I'm feeling like a criminal today!

Finally made an appointment with the bank to set up Registered Savings Accounts for the kids.  We had them in the past but had to take the money out for an emergency (there's always something). Well since we weren't able to put any money back into the accounts they were closed.  So now I have to open new ones.  Got an appointment tomorrow at the bank.  I just hope they don't need a picture ID cause I don't have one!

And I am going out right now to take some fall pictures and will post some of the good ones later.  I don't want to waste another minute of this glorious Fall day!  Busy, busy, busy!!


Cheryl said…
I'm going through serious Autumn withdrawls. I haven't seen colors in 11 years! I look forward to seeing your pics.
Erin said…
Criminal! LOL, I had to renew mine this year and I had forgotten how horrible the DMV is! The lady was yelling at us to stand in line "the right way" and then we had to sit in this row of plastic chairs and every time someone moved up we had to move chairs! It was actually kind of funny since every 3-4 minutes everyone stood up, moved one space to the right and sat back down. Some of us were giggling and she was giving us the evil eye! We have really crazy rules for renewing now here in VA thanks to 9/11 so it's run like a military event in there! I hear you on the kids' savings accounts - ours are still open but I always think the bank is going to call and say "why don't you just go ahead and put YOUR name on the account instead of theirs LOL, but that's life!

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