The Mail

Today was a bad day.  It's night right now but it was a very bad day and I'm glad it's over.  Started out with more stuff from the board I'm on.  Went on with a huge fight with the husband and ended with me getting the mail to find a interim school report from the son's school.  It seems he's not been handing in assignments in Social Studies and is failing French and not doing very well in English either. 

He was warned about not handing in assignments.   He was told that if we found he was not handing in assignments like he did last year all his video games would be taken away until the next report card.  So that's what we had to do.  This is a boy who lives for his video games still at 14 years old.  He'd rather stay home and play games than do just about anything else.  We do limit the amount of time he's allowed to play these games so we aren't total crap parents.  But now we are going to have to deal with a 6'1" tall 14 year old boy who has no idea what to do with all his free time.  I told him he will be studying with his free time.  And he was to get a peer tutor for French tomorrow.

This is a kid who can do really well at school but just won't do the work.  At 14 I don't think I should have to badger him and check his homework but I guess I do.  I thought he was growing up cause he kept telling us he was doing fine in school and he had all his homework done.  Ya, we got suckered.  Well not anymore.

I've emailed his teacher and I am going to phone the school tomorrow to see about talking to one of the counselors.  The only good thing is he's getting a good mark in Drama, Art and PE, he assured us.  He better be getting good marks in those or he's gonna find summer school coming up for him.

Just like Scarlett OHara "I can't think about that right now. If I do, I'll go crazy. I'll think about that tomorrow."


Erin said…
Scarlett, you did the right thing! You got to him 'em where it hurts sometimes, like the video games! 2 years ago I saved enough for the Wii system, bought it for Christmas, and laid down the rules. After 3 warnings, I sold the system on Craigslist a year later, someone ended up getting quite a deal on a Wii and bundle of games because my kids (and husband) couldn't follow "the rules" LOL.... at least now they know I'm serious! And 6'1" ??? WOW!
Sparkless said…
Sometimes being a parent means you have to be the bad guy. It's not fun is it Erin?
Yes, 6'1", he's taller than his dad now. We hope that he doesn't grow too much more cause he won't fit in our house!

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