Think Positive

That's my new motto "think positive."  Cause there sure hasn't been anything positive going on lately to think about.  The board I'm on had a meeting and it was another disaster with the head coach trying to tell the board what it can and cannot do.  Well excuse me buddy but you are our employee and if you make one more rude comment to a board member we just might fire your butt!  That's what I thought in my head but it didn't come out my lips.  This guy is a total jerk and that's enough said about him and that whole situation.

Because of that situation I find myself eating Halloween candy.  There is a pile of candy wrappers sitting right next to me.  I know, I should put the box back and step away from the candy but I eat when I'm upset, a very bad habit.  I should know by now not to buy the Halloween candy too early and to buy candy I don't like.

The husband's job isn't going very well.  He has one part time job and one casual on call type of job.  Well he's not working much and Christmas is coming and I'm getting worried.  We have $100 in the bank from now until the next payday in a week and a half.  That isn't much money when you consider that isn't just for food but everything.  If it was just for food I could stretch it but with two kids there is always something popping up and they need money for this or that.  And then there is gas for the car, cat food and laundry soap.  All of that stuff adds up even if you buy it on sale.

At least my daughter will get some candy on Halloween but my son is 14 and won't be out trick'or treating.  We don't get many kids at our house so most of the candy we eat ourselves.  Hopefully I can keep out of it until after Halloween.

We've cancelled our newspaper even though we can't read it online (it's a small local newspaper).  We cancelled our basic cable tv service.  Doing those things only saved us $50 or so a month.  And now we are so bored at night and I never know what's going on in town anymore.  I'd cancel our internet service but my family would kill me and it's cheap enough.  I've run out of things that I can cut out of our budget.  We don't eat out, we don't drive to work, we always pack lunches, I line dry my clothes, we don't buy convenience foods, we cook most things from scratch, we have cut down our meat consumption to half what it used to be and a zillion other things.   I guess it's just a matter of hanging on now and hoping work picks up for the husband, I find a job or that lottery ticket I bought pays off.

I'm going to bed now cause I know that things will look better in the morning after a good nights rest.


Erin said…
We too have cancelled the cable, pack lunches, etc but then I went and signed the kids up for music lessons so that ate up any savings from the cutbacks. We decided for a very low-key Christmas, the kids will each get a couple of presents from Santa, nothing too expensive, but all our $$ is going to go towards driving home and staying in MN for Christmas, that's all the present hubby and I need. I'm still not even sure how we are going to swing that, but I'm trying not to think about it! Hope things start looking up soon for you, financial worries can really take a toll on your physical and mental health, hang in there!
Sparkless said…
Thanks Erin. I hope you save enough for your trip and more so you can all have a stress free Christmas with family. That's really what it's all about and that is something we at least have nearby. I am grateful to live so close to most of my family.

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