Do you ever get so tired you can't keep your eyes open and fall asleep sitting up?  We laugh at all the elderly folks who fall asleep like this.  They are unable to stay awake and fall asleep right in the middle of a social visit or gathering.   I'm starting to feel this way too though.  I find myself starting to nod off at family gatherings and while watching tv in the evening.  Sometimes in the middle of the afternoon I feel like this.  I feel like the only thing I can do is to fall asleep no matter how much I want to do something else.

I find this very puzzling and frustrating.  I'm getting enough sleep but maybe it's something with my diet or the weather?  I feel like a fat cat dozing off and on all day long but never feeling totally awake and alive. 

There's so much to do and I don't want to miss any of October because September disappeared in the blink of an eye and I want to savour October.  I've been meaning to get out to take some Autumn shots with my camera but haven't managed it yet.  I've been meaning to do a lot of things but they never get done.  There are boxes still in my living room from the renovation.  These things need to find new homes or be put in storage.  I mean to get to it but there they still sit weeks later.

I still need to finish up the curtains on my room and my son's room.  I have a towel for a curtain right now and my son has his window papered over.  This is not ideal and makes me look lazy.  I'm not lazy.  I just don't have any energy to get it done. 

So tomorrow I'm taking a ton of vitamins, getting outside to get some natural sunshine, taking a walk to increase blood flow and I'm going to get as much done as possible.  If not I'm digging myself an hole and am going to climb in it or at least take a nap in it.  LOL!


Erin said…
Funny you mention that! I thought my tiredness was due to me being sick a few weeks ago, but I had also started taking 5-HTP (L-tryptophan) supplements twice daily to help prevent migraines, but other uses include depression, anxiety and INDUCING SLEEP, LOL! I cut out my morning dose and I'm no longer asleep on the couch with drool on my face when the kids get home from school.... hahaha!
Sparkless said…
Erin that's great that you figured out your sleepy problem. The only thing I take for migraines is a tincture of Vitex to balance hormones.
What you mention could be sleep apnea. People think they are getting good sleep, but in fact are not. Speak with your doctor if it persists.

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