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It Has Arrived

The heat that is, the heat of summer has arrived.  We actually have heat advisories because there is a high that is going to come up from the South and we should see temps around 40C by Tuesday.  Today it's already 35C out there.  The a/c is running to try to keep up with the heat.  Unfortunately the a/c unit we have is the biggest we could fit in our kitchen window and it is woefully inadequate to cool the whole ground floor.  I have to turn it on when it's still cool inside or it can't keep cool the house down.   It can maintain the temp if you turn it on early enough though and if you keep the curtains closed and the doors and windows closed once the sun is up.

The husband is home and he makes it very difficult to keep the inside cool.  He insists on opening the living room curtains before the sun is off that window.  That means the heat radiates into the living room and heats up the house.  He is constantly going in and out of the house which lets the cool air out.  If…

It's Not So Bad

I've been reading about the troubles of some of my favorite bloggers.  It makes me so sad to know these people who I  enjoy reading about are going through horrible things.  I wish there was something I could say or do to make things better for them but unfortunately there is nothing a total stranger can say or do that will change things.

Some people are good at blogging.  They write wonderful stories about their lives and what they do.  Some post beautiful pictures and amazing crafts that they make and yummy looking foods that they make.  How can I possibly compete with all that.  I take terrible pictures, I don't go anywhere or do anything fun so my amusing stories are few and far between.  I don't really like to cook and my gardens have possibly more weeds than plants in them this year.

Yet, here I am.  I can't stop myself.  I just have to type away every so often to make sure I am still alive.  If anyone reads this then I apologize for being boring but that's l…

Writers Block

I've been feeling a bit of writers block lately.  Well I'm not really a writer, blogger would be more accurate and even that's pushing it.  Block isn't really the right word either since I've started about a zillion posts and then abandoned them.

So in the interest in getting over my "blogger stutter" I'm just going to post anything.  It won't be pretty or interesting so you have been warned.  Um... who the heck am I kidding?  Nothing I post is e pretty or interesting so if you read this blog expect more of the same.

The daughter got back from her Honor Roll trip with the school and she had a great time.  They toured a university and on the way home stopped to shop in a much bigger town than the one we live in.  It was a very fast trip.  The drive up to the University took 6 hours.  They left at 7am and arrived in time to tour the campus and have supper.  They also watched a movie and did a scavenger hunt.  They stayed overnight in residence.  Eac…