It Has Arrived

The heat that is, the heat of summer has arrived.  We actually have heat advisories because there is a high that is going to come up from the South and we should see temps around 40C by Tuesday.  Today it's already 35C out there.  The a/c is running to try to keep up with the heat.  Unfortunately the a/c unit we have is the biggest we could fit in our kitchen window and it is woefully inadequate to cool the whole ground floor.  I have to turn it on when it's still cool inside or it can't keep cool the house down.   It can maintain the temp if you turn it on early enough though and if you keep the curtains closed and the doors and windows closed once the sun is up.

The husband is home and he makes it very difficult to keep the inside cool.  He insists on opening the living room curtains before the sun is off that window.  That means the heat radiates into the living room and heats up the house.  He is constantly going in and out of the house which lets the cool air out.  If he wasn't home the house stays much cooler and I can shut the a/c off earlier saving us money.  He doesn't understand the concept of saving money and no matter how I try to tell him he's too stubborn to listen.

The kids are home and bored.  They pretty much keep to their rooms most of the day.  I have no idea what they could be doing in those tiny rooms but at least I don't have to listen to their whining about being bored like when they were younger.

The husband and son took some large items to the dump today.  The took our old box spring, stove and our pool.  The pool was on it's last legs and we don't have a proper fence so if we use it we could be fined.  It was great when the kids were young and could splash around and keep cool but now that they are teens they won't use it so it's off to the recycle center along with left over pool chemicals.  It was only one of those soft blow up pools and was only about 12 ft across so not big enough to actually swim in but good to keep cool in. 

I think they took some more stuff to the dump but I'm not sure what.  The husband has tried to get rid of some of my things and I've told him if he does that I'll be taking some of his things to the dump when he's at work.  He could at least ask me if I want to keep something before he gets rid of it.  He tried to get rid of something I've had since before we were married.  It's not like this little table takes up much space and we've used it for years for one thing or another just right now we don't need it.  I'm sure when the kids move out they will take some of the things with them as they try to set up homes for themselves.  Plus I don't plan to live in this house forever and I know I'll use that little table again cause it's always been so handy to have.

I don't have much else to post today and I haven't taken any pictures because I can't get them off the camera and onto the computer.  I guess I should take some time to figure it out but today the laundry is calling my name since it's finally nice enough to hang stuff outside to dry.


Mama Pea said…
With all your heat, I'm wondering if you're getting enough rainfall to keep your garden going. The heat will make things grow, but you've gotta have that water.
Sparkless said…
Mama Pea we have been having lots of rain and cool temps for the past month or so. This is supposed to be a record breaking heat weekend which I am not looking forward too even if it's a long weekend for us in Canada.

I just hope this sudden jump from cool rainy to extreme heat doesn't shock all my plants and kill them.

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