Writers Block

I've been feeling a bit of writers block lately.  Well I'm not really a writer, blogger would be more accurate and even that's pushing it.  Block isn't really the right word either since I've started about a zillion posts and then abandoned them.

So in the interest in getting over my "blogger stutter" I'm just going to post anything.  It won't be pretty or interesting so you have been warned.  Um... who the heck am I kidding?  Nothing I post is e pretty or interesting so if you read this blog expect more of the same.

The daughter got back from her Honor Roll trip with the school and she had a great time.  They toured a university and on the way home stopped to shop in a much bigger town than the one we live in.  It was a very fast trip.  The drive up to the University took 6 hours.  They left at 7am and arrived in time to tour the campus and have supper.  They also watched a movie and did a scavenger hunt.  They stayed overnight in residence.  Each girl in the daughter's group even got their own room.  Four bedrooms and two bathrooms with a common area and small kitchen area.  It sounds better than our house with only 3 bedrooms and one bathroom!

The next day they left around 9am and stopped about 4 hours from home and got to shop at a big mall for a few hours.  They had lunch there too.  She got home and tomorrow will be at school doing Hoops For Hearts.  It's a charity event for the Heart and Stroke Foundation.  Kids at the school can help or participate.  The son didn't want to do either so he's staying home because not much will be happening in the classrooms.  Plus I heard there was a big Grad party planned for tonight which would mean many of the grade 12 kids won't be showing up for school.

The weather got hot today and it was 27C inside my house at which point I told the husband if he didn't put the kitchen a/c unit in I was going to hire someone to do it.  He got it in and although I don't really like having it blocking the only window that opens in the kitchen and living room it's the only place for an a/c unit.  That means no more nice breezes in the evening through that window but that also means we can cook when it's hot out.

We pay more to keep ourselves cool in the summer than we do to keep warm in the winter.  It's so much easier to wear warmer clothes than it is to keep cool.  I will be posting my usual summer heat rant at some point but not yet.  It's much too early in the season and it hasn't been hot for long so I'm well rested and relatively sane.

My flower gardens are a mess and my roses have all gone wild.  The quack grass in the flowers has taken over and my back and knees can't take weeding anymore.  I'll have to see if I can get the kids to do some work.  The only problem is that if we did out the grass we need to put something back in and that costs money.  We do have lots of large rocks and some pieces of driftwood we use but there has to be some plants between them. 

The husband has planted 12 pepper plants!  I have no idea what he was thinking because it's not like we love peppers so much that we need 12 plants.  He said he got two varieties and they came in a 6 pack.  He could have gave a few of the plants away but instead he planted them.  I think they are just green peppers and yellow banana peppers.

The cucumbers are up but we never really get many cucumbers so I'm not sure why we even bother.  The tomatoes are planted.  The strawberries died, well most of them did so I put the rest in a pot where they seem to be doing better.  We may bet a berry or two off the plants that survived.  The blueberry bushes have green berries on them.  Poor things don't seem to like something in the soil and no matter what I've added to the soil it doesn't seem to help.  It may be the last year for the blueberry bushes.  I'd like to plant peas where they are next year but I'm not sure the husband will let me rip them out.  He won't let me cut the lilac bush down even though it's grown too big and is in a bad part of the yard.  I've told him that we could replant another one in a better spot but he's weird and doesn't want to.  I think I'll get the saw out when he's at work and do it myself.

When the kids were smaller they got two pine tree saplings from the city that they were supposed to go out in the wild and plant somewhere.  So what does my husband do with those tiny trees?  He plants them in my back garden!  One has grown almost 3 feet tall.  The other one is smaller and right next to the big one.  They need to come out because they aren't in a good spot and they will kill any plants growing near them.  The husband thinks they should stay. 

The husband took out two cedar bushes from the front garden that had become too big and were right up against the house.  He attempted to transplant them in the back yard in a strange spot.  One of them is almost dead and the other one may not survive either.  This man just plops plants all over the yard with no thought to light, placement or how they will look in a few years time.  If he plants one more tree under the clotheslines I'm going to lose my sanity for sure.  He just doesn't get that in time those trees are going to get in the way of the laundry hung on those lines.  Not a good place for a bush or tree at all. 

Okay I'm over my "blogger stutter" and can move on.  I may post some pictures tomorrow if I can get my camera to download them onto the computer.  It's always a struggle to do the most simple things it seems.  Why is that?  Why is everything that was simple and quick end up taking your entire day?  I can sit down to send some email and reply to some stuff on facebook (which I hate but everyone else uses it so I have to follow along or be left in the dust).  It's cool to hate facebook I've been told so I'm happy to be cool for a change.  Anyway, what was I talking about?  Oh, ya, the computer and how it balks at every little thing I try to do.  I get stubborn and want to fix it myself.  After all I have a degree from university so I should be able to get my computer to work, right?  Google and youtube are now my best friends since I never have time to actually see my real life friends because I'm always trying to fix my computer.

So that's about it.  That's all the excitement that's been happening here.  I'm sure I've missed out some details but I'll come back and post about them when I can think of something.  I'm going to be daring too and not even check for mistakes so if you see lots of grammatical and spelling errors don't worry it's not because I'm a total moron it's because I'm lazy.


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