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And I don't mean the sick kind of cold but the kind outside.  It has been really cold here lately.  That seems to be how our weather has been the last few years.  We get this cold snap before the snow comes.  It's hard on the plants because they have no insulation from the cold.  That snow layer is good for something.

I have been doing the usual stuff.  When I try to think of anything I can blog about I come up blank lately and thus why I haven't written.  I sometimes think I'm too tired for life.  I think about all these things I'd like to be doing and in reality I only ever manage a small portion of them.  I'm not talking about a huge number of things just regular stuff but I only ever manage to get the bare minimum done.

I was doing a happy dance a few days ago because the entire laundry got done.  The baskets were empty for a few hours before people started putting dirty clothes and towels in the basket.  I'd really like to do cleaning when no one is ho…

First Snow

First snow of the season was last night.  It's actually still on the ground.  It usually melts pretty fast but this stuff is sticking around.  It's not a huge amount, just enough to cover the grass.  I'm sure it will be melted off in a day or two.  It's not unusual to get snow now but it's a bit early.

I've been doing laundry and no matter how hard I try I can't get it all done in a day.  It's driving me nuts.  As soon as I stop laundry for the day I turn my back and the family has filled the laundry basket.  Then I look around and notice that the rugs need a wash and those towels we never use should be freshened up the cat blankets need a wash.  It is truly one of those chores you cannot get done because by the time you think you are done more needs doing.

I need to put plastic on the inside of a few windows still.  Will do that tomorrow.  I have some organic chickens I need to defrost for supper in a few days.  We will roast them eat the meat and then…