First Snow

First snow of the season was last night.  It's actually still on the ground.  It usually melts pretty fast but this stuff is sticking around.  It's not a huge amount, just enough to cover the grass.  I'm sure it will be melted off in a day or two.  It's not unusual to get snow now but it's a bit early.

I've been doing laundry and no matter how hard I try I can't get it all done in a day.  It's driving me nuts.  As soon as I stop laundry for the day I turn my back and the family has filled the laundry basket.  Then I look around and notice that the rugs need a wash and those towels we never use should be freshened up the cat blankets need a wash.  It is truly one of those chores you cannot get done because by the time you think you are done more needs doing.

I need to put plastic on the inside of a few windows still.  Will do that tomorrow.  I have some organic chickens I need to defrost for supper in a few days.  We will roast them eat the meat and then I'm going to make chicken stock.  Or I should say I'm going to attempt to make chicken stock.  Every time I've made it in the past it's ended up being thrown away because it just doesn't taste any good.  I know it's not supposed to be that flavorful but it shouldn't taste nasty like my last batch did.  I have no idea what I do to food but it's usually best if I stick to inexpensive things so I don't waste too much actual food. 

Once I get a big pot of stock I'll freeze it for soups.  The husband is great at making soups and if I can get some stock made it will mean he doesn't use those oxo cube things to season his soup.  He'll probably still use that stuff but hopefully not as much.

I've got a start on my Christmas shopping and have my daughter's big gift bought.  This will be her Christmas/Birthday gift since her birthday is Jan 20th and so close to Christmas.  It is always so hard to find a good present for her birthday when she just got lots of good things at Christmas.  Plus the stores are usually empty after Christmas.

I have no idea what we'll get the son for Christmas cause he never wants anything except video games and he only wants one this year.  Maybe we'll only get him the game and see what the thinks about that.

So many little chores to do lately that I have to write them all down or I totally forget to do them.  It's gotten really bad lately.  I don't  procrastinate so it's totally lack of memory.  I have a white board in my kitchen where I write phone messages and family messages or notes.  I use that board every day.  I'd forget my head if I didn't have that board!

I need to dig some warmer clothes out of storage for me cause I'm freezing.   Our living room only has one heat vent for the entire room and when you do laundry in the hallway it heats up the hallway so the thermostat thinks the house is warmer than it actually is.  This means the living room where we actually spend lots of time is freezing and the hallway is warm.  Dumb person who put the thermostat in the hallway.  I guess they figured that was the middle of the house so the best place for it when in fact the best place for a thermostat is the place you spend the most amount of time.

We did dig the heater out for the living room.  We have one of those electric oil heaters where the oil inside it is heated up and it radiates through the room.  It's much quieter and nicer heat than those forced fan things.  Plus it puts out heat for quite a while after you turn it off. 

I just wanted to get a post in to let everyone know I'm still around and reading blogs.  I just haven't written much lately.  Most likely I'll have more time now that the weather has got colder.


Now that the snow is here, it's hibernation time! Perfect for blogging.
Mama Pea said…
Just a few miles north of us got about 4" of snow last night . . . but none for us so far.

Don't feel like the Lone Ranger not being able to remember things. If I don't write it down, it's in one ear and out the other! (I think we're all on overload these days . . . to many things to remember!)

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