And I don't mean the sick kind of cold but the kind outside.  It has been really cold here lately.  That seems to be how our weather has been the last few years.  We get this cold snap before the snow comes.  It's hard on the plants because they have no insulation from the cold.  That snow layer is good for something.

I have been doing the usual stuff.  When I try to think of anything I can blog about I come up blank lately and thus why I haven't written.  I sometimes think I'm too tired for life.  I think about all these things I'd like to be doing and in reality I only ever manage a small portion of them.  I'm not talking about a huge number of things just regular stuff but I only ever manage to get the bare minimum done.

I was doing a happy dance a few days ago because the entire laundry got done.  The baskets were empty for a few hours before people started putting dirty clothes and towels in the basket.  I'd really like to do cleaning when no one is home just so I can have a clean house to enjoy for a few hours.  If everyone is home it doesn't last long enough to enjoy it being clean.

Christmas shopping is almost done.  I still need to figure out what we are doing with my family.  My dad's birthday is this week so we'll see everyone then.  Maybe we'll draw names this year.  I'd be good with that.  Usually I like to get everyone something because we don't give birthday gifts out so Christmas is the one time I make or give something to my family but I'm just not up for making a bunch of baking that no one wants because sugar is evil and no one wants it in their house cause they may eat it and get fat or diabetes or something.  So baking is off the table and I know there are other things I could make but I just don't have the energy. 

I'm thinking I still want to give something to my parents but maybe my two sisters and I could draw names and give a family gift to the person we get.  I could always give teas and coffee or something.  Maybe us three girls could go together and get my parents something.  If we could only think of something.  What do you get the old people who have everything they want and are actually now at a point in their lives they are starting to get rid of things?  My dad keeps getting rid of his woodworking tools because he knows he's not going to be doing any major projects anymore.  If he does he can just borrow his things back.  He really wants to get his garage cleaned out enough so they can park their car in there. 

Not having to clean the snow off your car before you go anywhere is great.  They have a self propelled snow blower and a fairly short driveway so clearing that is easy for my dad.  We've offered our help in getting the garage cleaned out but I think my dad wants to think about things and do most of it himself.  My husband did go over one day and helped him move some of his larger woodworking machines and I think they took a band saw to my nephews for him to keep.

I'm rambling about nothing now but I really can't think of anything interesting to write about today but I still feel like writing something just to let anyone who reads this know I'm still alive and doing good....well more like the usual. 

To all my American friends and readers I hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving.  Cherish your loved ones because you never know how long you'll have with them.


I have items on my "to do" list that have been there for 30 years, I shit you not. Some day they'll get done, LOL.
Sparkless said…
LOL! Debra I think I'd toss that list and make a new one. This is my list for today: get up, shower, eat meals. That I know I'll get done.

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