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Mother's Day

It was one of the worst Mother's Days I've ever had. You think I'm going to tell you some sweet silly story and everything will be okay but I'm not. It really was a horrible Mother's Day. I've been a mom for 13 years now and I can't remember a worse one.

It started out not too bad. I got to have a sleep in which is great, my favorite thing to do is sleep. My husband made a chocolate cake with the kids. I didn't really want one but I knew the kids would love it. Then they planted flowers in the front garden for me. I don't really care about the garden but I know it gives them a sense of accomplishment and they see that garden every time they go in or out of the house.

My husband had worked a night shift and usually stays up all day because he gets some sleep on his night shifts. But he picks Mother's Day to have a nap. I'm left alone with the kids. I'm always alone with the kids which is too much. So I try to make the best of …