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I can't quite believe this and because I can't believe it I have to post about it.  Yes, it's another stupid husband story so if you are tired of those skip this one.

Our garage roof is flat.  It has been leaking for several years.  We can't afford to fix it so we have been putting a tarp over it until we can.  So stupid husband takes the tarp off.  He doesn't put a new one on nor does he fix the roof.  It has been pouring rain for the past several days.  I went out to the garage to get something to find that it has leaked all over a bunch of stuff stupid husband has left in the garage.

He knew the roof leaked in this certain spot.  He even cleaned that area up and dumped all the toys and things that had accumulated water.  Know what he did with all that stuff?  Yup, he put it all back in the same place that leaks. Now it's all drenched again.  Some of it are things like expensive mountain bikes, a razor skooter, a metal wagon, roller blades, and other kids toy…

Still No Pictures

I can't get them off my camera!  It's driving me nuts.  Okay, well I'm already nuts but it's making me more nuts if that is possible.  I am calling in the big guns and phoning tech support.  I'm only hoping that the person who answers will not have such a strong accent I won't be able to understand him or her.

So hopefully on Monday some time I'll be able to post some pictures.  Don't get too excited though as I don't have any great photos to post.  But at least I'll be able to post my crappy photos again.  I know I enjoy looking at other people's pics.

We are having typical spring weather with it going from sun to clouds and then rain quickly.  So we have a bit of sun and cloud each day and sometimes some rain.  It makes it difficult to plan for outside activities or which coat to wear but it's spring and that's how she is.

We are going through a tough time with the son lately.  Nothing serious just annoying because if he weren'…

Another Hot One

Today was mostly sunny and warm.  We got outside and mowed the lawn for the first time and got the sunshade set up.  I really want to get another sun shade and some new chairs for outside this year.  We need that outside space because our house is too small.  In the summer you can even sit out in the rain under the sunshade.

We are anticipating a juicy tax refund this year.  This will be the biggest refund we've ever got.  That says a lot, mostly how little my husband made last year compared to other years.  Some of it will go into the kids education funds, some will pay the water/sewer/garbage bill, we need to get another chair for the living room and if we have anything left after that I'll buy some fabric to make some clothes since I can't find anything here for me.

Of course now that I've talked about what we hope to do with said refund I'm sure it will take weeks and weeks for it to show up.  It's supposed to be direct deposited into our account so I'l…


We don't really get cool spring weather here.  It pretty much goes from cold to unbearably hot.  It had been chilly until this weekend when the temp jumped to 33C.  If the sun comes out in our valley it heats up fast. 

It takes me awhile to get used to the hot temperatures.  Usually by the end of the summer I'm used to it but then it starts cooling off again.  Now it's shorts and t-shirt weather I have to stock up on razors and sunscreen.  Either that or I could just crawl under a rock and ignore the whole summer thing all together.  I'd rather not have to shave, find flattering (more likely unflattering) summer attire and pretend that I actually own a bathing suit (I don't).

My skin doesn't like sunscreens, I've tried them all.  I break out as soon as I get a bottle near my skin but you have to wear sunscreen or get a burn.  I try to stay in the shade but that's impossible when you have to drive somewhere.  And even though I'm dark haired and have …

A Little Something

I've started about 10 posts in the past couple of weeks and then saved them to draft.  When I came back to reread them and edit I end up not posting them at all so there they sit and my blog stays empty.  I'm not sure why I'm feeling that way.  I most certainly have things to say but I'm not sure I want to say them.  Did that make any sense?

I'm waiting.  That's something that I always do in spring.  I'm waiting until the next payday so I can do something.  I need this or that to do this or that chore or fix something.  It always comes down to money and that bugs me.  I want to do so much in the yard but it never gets done because we never have even the smallest amount of money to do it.  So spring holds the months of frustration for me.

The kids need summer clothing and I do look in the one second hand shop we have but it's always so picked over.  All that's left are the stained or horribly outdated clothes.  What teen will wear things like that.  …

We Don't Decorate Eggs

The kids have out grown decorating eggs so we've done away with it although I kinda miss it.  I don't like to eat the hard boiled eggs so no point in making them and throwing them away just for me.  I have pictures of our crocuses in bloom outside but I can't get my computer to download them from the camera.  Ah, the joys of having an idiot for a husband.  He constantly messes around with the computer and doesn't have a clue what he's done or how to fix it.  Big sigh

It's beautiful and sunny here and perfect for all those outside Easter egg hunts.  We did fill up the kids' Easter baskets with some fun stuff and chocolate.  The husband doesn't believe in getting anything for his wife so I don't bother getting him anything anymore.  It's sad to hear every holiday from him "We aren't getting anything for each other, right?" 

I'm making sure to tell my daughter to stay away from men who don't buy some kind of present on holiday…

Tap, tap, is this on?

Sorry I haven't posted anything for awhile.  I just don't have much to write about.  My life is incredibly boring even to me.  My kids just got off their two week spring break last week and this week they get this Friday and next Monday off for Easter.  They also get a ProD day later on in the month.  I don't think there is a single month they actually are in school for the entire month.

The weather has been incredibly rainy.  We do get some sunshine but it seems like typical spring weather to me.  I'm sure there is snow in the mountains but just rain in our valley.

I'm working on our income tax forms.  For some reason it's really frustrating this year.  I can't find the right place to put a couple of things and it's driving me nuts.  I'll have to ask someone soon because we could use some of that refund money for a new vacuum and maybe even a comfy chair to read in.  In our living room we only have a two cushion couch and a computer chair.  So only…