Another Hot One

Today was mostly sunny and warm.  We got outside and mowed the lawn for the first time and got the sunshade set up.  I really want to get another sun shade and some new chairs for outside this year.  We need that outside space because our house is too small.  In the summer you can even sit out in the rain under the sunshade.

We are anticipating a juicy tax refund this year.  This will be the biggest refund we've ever got.  That says a lot, mostly how little my husband made last year compared to other years.  Some of it will go into the kids education funds, some will pay the water/sewer/garbage bill, we need to get another chair for the living room and if we have anything left after that I'll buy some fabric to make some clothes since I can't find anything here for me.

Of course now that I've talked about what we hope to do with said refund I'm sure it will take weeks and weeks for it to show up.  It's supposed to be direct deposited into our account so I'll keep checking and checking.  I'm driving myself mad waiting for it to show up.  We could really use some pain for a few spots on the outside of the house and some for the living room which is pretty shabby right now.  I don't think we've painted the living room for over 10 years!!  But paint is always one of those "can be put off" things and not a "must have" so we kept putting it off until I can't stand it anymore.

I still have to put up curtains too so I need some fabric for that too.  UG!  Once I start listing things we need to get done it becomes endless.  I could write several pages of simple house upkeep that we have "put off" way too long.  You get used to towels as curtains and your tiles cracked and peeling up.  You get used to things looking bad until one bright sunny day when the sun shines in in just the right angle and then you are horrified!

"How have we let things get so drab and nasty looking?"  you think.

Goodness!  Seems some clouds rolled in and we just had our first thunder and lightening storm.  Our power even went our for a minute.  So glad this blogger thing automatically saves your drafts.  Now I can hear the rain is coming down hard out there.  No wind though just lightening and rain.  Rain is typical but we don't get that many thunder and lightening storms so I was watching the amazing forks flash in the sky.  I better get off now cause I can hear the thunder starting up again.

Sorry if the post made no sense.  I'll attempt to finish it up tomorrow.


Mama Pea said…
Such fun thinking of what you'll do with that tax refund. Hope it arrives in your account soon. Kinda like getting a big Christmas present. Wa-hoo!
Erin said…
I hope the refund doesn't take long, ours was spent as soon as we got it LOL
Sparkless said…
Mama Pea and Erin the tax refund goes to "must do" things. If any of it is left we need to save it for an emergency fund which I keep trying to build. I'm sure we'll have a major disaster and all our plans will go out the window. LOL!

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