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It's Over

Christmas is over and it was grand! We had no snow up until the week before Christmas and then it dumped a ton on us including a couple of feet on Christmas day itself. Now when I was a kid we would have taken advantage and gone sledding. My kids stayed inside and played their new video games.

It's Dec 29th and now I have to get the house cleaned up for New Years. Not because I'm having people over, cause I'm not, but because I like to start the new year off clean. That means crisp clean sheets, clean jammies, and a clean house. I think this year everyone will join in on the tasks instead of just me doing them all. I'm sure my 12 year old can scrub the tub just as well as I can and my 10 year old can dust something or wash a floor.

My husband has to work early New Years Day so he won't be staying up late and I think the kids will go to bed early too. I'm the one who will have to put up with them all the next day. If they would only learn how to sleep i…

It's Here!!

December 1st the date that a lot of us busy people dread. Lucky for me I am not one of them. I actually like Christmas and buying presents. I love to wrap them and give them to people. I love the art of figuring out just what that special person would love. Money does not come into my equation because I have very little of it.

I shop when it's not busy in the daytime because I am lucky enough not to have a paying job. This of course means I have very little money. Which leads me to having to be very creative when it comes to gifts. I usually make or bake gifts for people.

For my kids well I have to buy them the latest kid junk that is on offer. Although I shudder to think how much money I have wasted on this junk I can't figure out another way to make them as happy on Christmas morning.

My parents are getting to that age when they have everything they want and really don't need any more stuff in their house cause they are desperately trying to get rid of it all. …