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Not a Good Day

The husband and daughter are off skiing today with the school. The husband had to call in sick to get the day off which he rarely does. Well his work calls to book him for some shifts this weekend and I of course forgot about him calling in sick so I blurt out he's skiing today. But then I covered with saying oops it's my daughter who is skiing, the husband is sick in bed. Then she asks if he can make any shifts this weekend which he can't because he works every weekend at his other job so I told her he was already booked at his other job.

I cooked my son's birthday cake way too long because the timer didn't work properly. I bashed my leg on the tub and have a huge painful bruise on it that hurts every time I move. My son is having two boys over tonight for a sleep over and supper. We barely have enough room in this house for the four people who live her never mind add a couple more. Sheesh!

And to top it off tomorrow the dreaded In-Laws are coming for lunch.…

Piddly Things

I had a whole laundry post done and was going to add pictures to it but I'm too tired to do it now. And after reading that line I realize I am the most boring person on the planet! A laundry post with pictures?!!! What was I thinking?!

I really should go have a shower cause I have a meeting soon. Then I have to get a present for my niece. When the kids come home from school I have to drag them to the Optometrist. After that we have to go to my sister's house for supper for my niece's birthday, she's turning 16.

You want to know what I'd really like to do today? I'd like to go back to bed and stay there. I'd like to lay in bed and sleep the entire day away. Yup, that's what I'd do if I didn't have a million other piddly little things, and some big thing, to do today.

So I'm off to do my piddly things now. Please pray my day gets more exciting or I may turn to stone out of pure boredom.


I promised I wasn't going to watch, really I did. I tried not to but I ended up flicking it to that channel every half hour or so just to check. In the end I was horribly disappointed. The Canadian Olympic hockey team let me down. Nuff said.

Have you ever had to fire anyone from a job? I'm on a board and it's getting really close to having to lay off this particular person. He won't go down without a massive fight though and it won't be pretty but he's impossible to deal with. He pretty much expects everything to go the way he says it's supposed to go and he makes the rules. He's an employee! I wonder if our board will have the balls to give him an ultimatum. Will they vote to tell this guy to toe the line or take a pink slip? My guess is they will run squealing all the way home and nothing will change.

If you have every had to fire anyone why did you and how did it go? We need some inspiration or someone with enough balls to come and do the d…

It's the Olympics, eh!

I've been watching the Olympics mostly because it's in my province but nowhere near where I live. What really makes me wonder is why every time I turn on my news they are reporting some stupid disaster or other that went wrong at the Olympics. This is our own media doing this. It's giving me a real sour taste in my mouth.

When I watched other Olympics I don't remember our media ever being that negative about the host country. Why do they have to report over and over on every little detail that goes wrong? I'm sure every Olympic host country has had many difficulties and problems but why dwell on them? What's the point on going on and on over a fence? And I'm sorry people but here in Canada we can't control the weather yet so if we have to postpone some races or can't give all the training times to everyone well too dang bad! I'm a lapsed Canadian cause I'm not going to say "I'm sorry" cause I'm not! Why should I be …

Valentine's Day is Over

So the big day came and went. The husband gave me some assorted flowers, no red roses. I'd have loved some orange tea roses but he wouldn't remember the 500 times I've told him that. I gave him a lovely card and a tin of passion cookies. These cookies have chocolate in the middle and are to die for! I got a simple "thanks for the card and cookies" as my thanks. I gave the same in return except I didn't get a card.

The husband did make a meal we haven't had for a long time, Sweet and Sour Chicken with rice. It was delicious. He also made a chocolate cake from scratch but the man really needs to use a recipe and time his cakes better because they are always tasteless and dry. We had to put ice cream on top to make up for the dryness.

That was the entire day. No sweet snuggles on the couch, no "I love yous", no walks hand in hand and no afternoon delight. Just the same old same old except for some flowers and a "Happy Valentine's …

Stuff and Valentine's Day

I made it through both meetings! I didn't explode, I didn't hit anyone and most importantly I kept my dang mouth shut! The reason for the mouth shut is that I have learned from past experience that no one on this board wants to hear anything that makes good sense. All they want to do is blah, blah, blah and then go home. The head coach on the other hand wants to whine and bitch about everyone instead of working on solutions for problems. He is the problem.

Unfortunately my son is no longer dating his first girlfriend. I know it wasn't going to last long but it really had a short shelf life of less than a week. Being the good mom that I am he was able to tell me that they decided that they didn't really want to date each other after all. He's not crushed but more embarrassed. He has no idea what it means to have a girlfriend or be in a relationship. At his age (14) he's best off just working on his hygiene and social skills, and of course his school wo…


So I've had 999 views of my blog. It's gonna turn over sometime tomorrow and most likely only when I make a new post so anyone who is following me on blogger will get that new post notification. I love that blogger can do that for us. I don't have to scroll through hundreds... well maybe not hundreds but lots and lots of blogs looking to see if they have posted anything new.

I'd love to be able to offer the 1000 viewer a wonderful prize but instead he or she will have to do with just reading this and having the satisfaction of knowing that he or she was the 1000 person to visit my blog.

I have a board meeting tomorrow night and I've vowed that I will keep my mouth shut and my head down to avoid any notice. I'll let the idiots scrap it out without my peace keeping. I just want to make it through the meeting without a headache. Oh and joy of joys the very next morning I have another meeting with a committee from the same board. Not looking forward to that at…

Weekend Woes

The weekend is only half way over and already it blows! The toilet once again got plugged when the husband is at work for 12 hour shifts. We only have one toilet. We need to have one that works especially since my daughter had invited a friend for a sleep over. Not only did the toilet get plugged up but the flusher handle inside the toilet broke off. I checked and it wasn't that it just became disconnected, a piece of cheap plastic had broken off making flushing impossible.

So I have to phone the husband at work and tell him he has to come home and fix the toilet cause it's an emergency! So he proceeds to bring over a couple of the mentally challenged adults he takes care of on the weekends. These guys are big and autistic. They can't speak and make loud weird noises. I had to keep an eye on them while the husband fixed the toilet cause one of the guys will bite himself if he's not watched closely.

Finally the toilet is fixed. Off the husband goes and takes his…

Fresh Love

My 13, almost 14 year old son has his first girlfriend. I feel a bit sorry for her. Boys of that age are so clueless and the girls are much more mature. I've tried to teach him to wash properly and brush his teeth but I'm afraid it's a losing battle. He hates to have a shower, his teeth are yellow with plaque and his body odour, well lets just say it's not always pleasant. I've told him again and again the thing that girls like second about a guy is whether he has good hygiene. Like does he smell good and are his teeth clean and white. Nothing worse than snuggling up with a guy for a kiss only to find out he stinks and his teeth are nasty!

I've resorted to threats if he doesn't put deodorant on or brush his teeth. I'm afraid if I didn't say anything he'll become so disgusting they'd ban him from school!

People keep telling me it's a phase and will pass but it can't pass soon enough for me. This house is small people and this b…

Hormone Hell

I don't know what is wrong with me today I just feel like jumping out of my skin. Nothing pleases me and things I normally enjoy I don't today. I know it will pass but it's hard to hang on till it does. I figure it's just hormones out of whack which I've been suffering from for a bit now.

I wish I could think of something that for one minute would make me feel some joy or peace. ACK! I hate when I feel like this it's such a waste of time. I've tried to choose to feel better but it just doesn't seem to work that way. I can't help it, I can't control it and I can't change it.

I can hang on and know that it will blow over in a day or two, I hope. I could post a huge vent and be more negative but what's the point of that. What I'm really dreading is this weekend alone with the kids. The husband will be at work 12 hour shifts so we pretty much don't see him all weekend. It's been hard to deal with that and all the on c…


I'm going to smash Little Hitler in the face! This woman drives me nuts. She complains she's doing too much but then attempts to take over and do everything. We have a committee to do up a manual for the club I'm a board member of. We have a couple of templates we are using. So at the meeting today she conveniently forgets to bring both the templates. Then she says she is working on the manual and will get it done like the rest of us are not even there. Um, there are three more people on the committee and we are here to work so why are you doing everything?

I've attempted to get the work divided up so that everyone does something but this woman is such a control freak. I'm the secretary and have alot of the info already and she acts like she is doing everything up from scratch which she isn't. She takes annoying to that next level.

And then she asks this other woman for stuff that she knows that I have. Plus it's stuff that I e-mailed her long ago a…

Crafty Monday

Figured out how to get the pictures out of the camera and into the computer. So here's my scarf. I'm a little over half way done now. I don't think I'll add any type of fringe on the ends I'll just leave it plain.

I really want to make some hats but I'll need some help to start and I have to buy some great wool first. So for now I'll just use my cheap acrylic yarn to get warmed up with before I attempt making anything really lovely.

I'm also planning a bigger vegetable garden for the spring. I'd really like to move somewhere we have a house that we aren't crammed in but without a huge lottery win that just isn't going to happen. So instead I'll grow as many vegetables as I can and try to preserve what we can't eat up. I'd love to plant a couple of fruit trees but if we do manage to move in a couple of years I won't get to enjoy the fruit so I'm holding off on that for now. Plus our yard is very small and there aren&…