Fresh Love

My 13, almost 14 year old son has his first girlfriend. I feel a bit sorry for her. Boys of that age are so clueless and the girls are much more mature. I've tried to teach him to wash properly and brush his teeth but I'm afraid it's a losing battle. He hates to have a shower, his teeth are yellow with plaque and his body odour, well lets just say it's not always pleasant. I've told him again and again the thing that girls like second about a guy is whether he has good hygiene. Like does he smell good and are his teeth clean and white. Nothing worse than snuggling up with a guy for a kiss only to find out he stinks and his teeth are nasty!

I've resorted to threats if he doesn't put deodorant on or brush his teeth. I'm afraid if I didn't say anything he'll become so disgusting they'd ban him from school!

People keep telling me it's a phase and will pass but it can't pass soon enough for me. This house is small people and this boy is big. He's not overweight just 6'1" and man size now. We have three adult size people in this little house now and frankly there isn't enough air!

These same people have also told me that soon I'll be yelling at him to get out of the shower cause he's been in there for ages and is going to drain the entire water system if he doesn't get out soon not to mention the bill for all that hot water. I guess it will be a trade off, fresh air for no hot water.


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