I promised I wasn't going to watch, really I did. I tried not to but I ended up flicking it to that channel every half hour or so just to check. In the end I was horribly disappointed. The Canadian Olympic hockey team let me down. Nuff said.

Have you ever had to fire anyone from a job? I'm on a board and it's getting really close to having to lay off this particular person. He won't go down without a massive fight though and it won't be pretty but he's impossible to deal with. He pretty much expects everything to go the way he says it's supposed to go and he makes the rules. He's an employee! I wonder if our board will have the balls to give him an ultimatum. Will they vote to tell this guy to toe the line or take a pink slip? My guess is they will run squealing all the way home and nothing will change.

If you have every had to fire anyone why did you and how did it go? We need some inspiration or someone with enough balls to come and do the deed for us.


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