Hormone Hell

I don't know what is wrong with me today I just feel like jumping out of my skin. Nothing pleases me and things I normally enjoy I don't today. I know it will pass but it's hard to hang on till it does. I figure it's just hormones out of whack which I've been suffering from for a bit now.

I wish I could think of something that for one minute would make me feel some joy or peace. ACK! I hate when I feel like this it's such a waste of time. I've tried to choose to feel better but it just doesn't seem to work that way. I can't help it, I can't control it and I can't change it.

I can hang on and know that it will blow over in a day or two, I hope. I could post a huge vent and be more negative but what's the point of that. What I'm really dreading is this weekend alone with the kids. The husband will be at work 12 hour shifts so we pretty much don't see him all weekend. It's been hard to deal with that and all the on call shifts he does. He works 50+ hours every week and still barely makes enough money to survive on. Of course he does a woman's job so that's what part of the problem is. When I say "woman's job" I mean he works in a job that traditionally women have done and still there are only a few men working in. He works as a nurses aide. Not a high paying job but lots of work, stress and mad hours.

So on top of my negative mood I'm going to be a single parent all weekend. I'll even have to cook meals! Oh joy! I'd much rather bury my head in my pillow and sleep the day away until I feel better. The only problem with that is my daughter is having a friend over so I'll have to be awake and showered and act all normal when I feel anything but normal.

I'm going to try some meditation tonight and hope that it helps. If not I'll probably be back tomorrow to post some more whining. Oh, my lucky readers! I apologize in advance.


I have a lot of days like this. Usually Tuesday when there's nothing on TV. Seriously though, chin up - I'm loving your work.

Capital Mom said…
The weekend is now half done. I hope it has been alright!

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