Weekend Woes

The weekend is only half way over and already it blows! The toilet once again got plugged when the husband is at work for 12 hour shifts. We only have one toilet. We need to have one that works especially since my daughter had invited a friend for a sleep over. Not only did the toilet get plugged up but the flusher handle inside the toilet broke off. I checked and it wasn't that it just became disconnected, a piece of cheap plastic had broken off making flushing impossible.

So I have to phone the husband at work and tell him he has to come home and fix the toilet cause it's an emergency! So he proceeds to bring over a couple of the mentally challenged adults he takes care of on the weekends. These guys are big and autistic. They can't speak and make loud weird noises. I had to keep an eye on them while the husband fixed the toilet cause one of the guys will bite himself if he's not watched closely.

Finally the toilet is fixed. Off the husband goes and takes his guys with him. They weren't a problem just not the best conversationalists. I go into the bathroom to check out the husband's handiwork. I should have known! We now have a plastic white flush handle on a pink toilet. Couldn't he have got a chrome one?!! Sheesh the man has no brain at all. Maybe he though it would look good with the mismatched shower taps and the grout smeared sink taps? I'll have to take pictures cause you really won't believe it, I know I can't.

A bunch of the kids are outside playing cops and robbers in the dark right now. I wonder what mischief they'll get up to? The only good thing is the kids are out of the house for a few moments and I can catch my breath. I'm praying the rest of the sleep over goes smoothly cause if not I'm running away from home!


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