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Wisps and Ghosts

I've been feeling rather alone.  It was something that came over me the other day.  I yell and the breeze takes my voice off with her and no one hears.  Not that I've got anything important or interesting to say it's the type of alone where you feel slightly scared like no one hears you even though you are talking.  I feel like a ghost.

I've lost my sensation of touch.  My vision is blurred and everything around me whirrs at a fantastic speed.  I can't keep up.  I don't even know I want to keep up I only know I feel wispy and lost.

I reach out and feel the edge but my touch slips away from me again.  I can't grasp those near.  Instead I simply sit and wait, a wispy ghost, lost in the wind.

Same Voice, Bored/Mean/Old Lady Style. and Contest

I'm beginning to see a pattern to the blogs I read.  It's the writing style that so many have.  It's that irreverent/funny/caustic/silly type of writing.  It's almost like reading a diary except not quite.  I even find myself adopting that style even when I don't really want to.  Like now for instance I'll ramble on and then make some silly remark and then ramble on again for awhile.  It can be funny for a bit but gets boring.

So I'm adopting a new writing style as of now.  This style I'm calling "bored/mean/old woman style"  Ya that's it.  I'm one mean old bored woman.  Well, actually I'm not mean at all but I can fake it.  So who am I gonna be mean with to start?

I know, I'll insult all my readers so they leave nasty comments.  Oh, that won't work cause I haven't got any readers, well not many and they rarely leave comments.  I could have a contest?  So vote in the comment section and let me know if you want to have a…

Heat Wave Monday

We are in the midst of a heat wave.  It's up to 40C today.  And guess what broke?  I'll give you one guess, it's in something that we drive around in.  The a/c in the car died!!!!  The husband is taking it in tomorrow and it better not cost much to fix or I'm going to scream.  I'm so tired of things breaking down and having to spend so much money to fix them.  I know it's a part of life that things break and wear out but sheesh it shouldn't be happening so much that you can't make it a week without having to repair at least one major appliance.

I think manufacturers aren't making things to last now.  They are purposely making things poorly so they break and you have to buy them again.  That is wrong on so many levels.  I'd rather spend more for something that will work well and last longer.  That is much better for the environment.  Our society has to stop being such a throw away society.  We buy cheap crap and then throw it away when it no long…

Still Waiting

I'm still waiting for this endless renovation to be finished.  Our room still needs baseboards on one wall and molding around the door and closet.  The closet door needs to be sanded and painted and all the baseboards need a coat of paint.  Upstairs the walls are not complete and there is no door yet.  Also the porch wall needs to be finished.  Oh and the hallway and kitchen needs new flooring and the toilet still needs to be replaced!

And the kitten has walked on my keyboard so many times that he's messed things up and I have no idea how to fix them.   At one point when I typed I was getting accents on certain letters.  I don't know how that fixed itself but it did so I can post again.

Shhhh don't tell anyone but I'm home all alone.  The husband is off at work and the kids are at their grandparents house.  I should be doing a million things but I'm sitting here still in my jammies.

Edited to add:  I went shopping to get groceries and guess what wasn't work…


That's how this renovation is going, it's endless!  The one room, my room is almost done.  We just need to put the baseboards on and the molding around the doors and window then the room is finished.  Well, then we need to paint the trim and fix the porch where the window was removed.  We still aren't sure how we are going to finish that wall or if we'll change the porch fixture.

Then there is the room upstairs.  The walls are going up okay.  The husband is making a few stupid looking mistakes.  I'm not sure why he doesn't think things through before he does them.  He just does stuff piece meal and it doesn't ever look very good.  Oh well.

We still have to paint the room upstairs and take all our stuff out of it to move it into our room.  We have to bring our son's stuff up to his new room and get him a rug and set up his stuff.  We bought a new bed for our room but we still need to find a dresser for our clothes.

It's endless!

Here's what we fou…

View of Ewwwwww

This is not my laundry buy my neighbours.  Their clothes line runs right by my kitchen window and I don't know why they insist on not rolling their laundry past my window.  Not only does it block my view and light but makes my stomach roll when I look out to see  this in the morning!!!!!!!!  EWWWWWWWWWW!!! 

Skid mark underwear in the morning is just about enough to make me lose my breakfast!  Sheesh!

Do you think they need some more toilet paper

On and On

We begin our second week of renovations.  I'd post pictures but there is so little to see.  The guys worked on electrical for upstairs today.  We ripped out the carpet in the downstairs bedroom.  Underneath is old wood floors.  We are contemplating refinishing it but not too sure about that yet.

Right now they are working on getting the wall framed in upstairs.  I haven't shown any pictures of our upstairs yet.  It is very small and difficult to get any pictures.  The ceiling is low up there too only about 6ft high and it tapers quickly.  The stairs up are very steep and treacherous.  They used to be wood stairs but they were kind of slippery and we carpeted them to make them safer for the kids.  Carpet is much less slippery for them when they dash down the stairs in stocking feet.

I'll take some pictures and post them tomorrow of the upstairs.  It's looking more like a wall now.  There will actually be two very small bedrooms up there now!  Not one open one and one en…

More Renovation Pictures

It's taken five full days to rip out all the plaster lath walls, rewire, add in a ceiling light and switch, take out the old windows and put in a new one, insulate, put up drywall and start the mudding and taping.  We still have lots to go but here are the pics so far.

Here's what we found under the ceiling tiles.  Someone had covered the plaster ceiling and there used to be a light but they took it out.  We aren't taking out the old plaster ceiling.  We just covered it up with drywall.

Here's a picture of the gutted room.  On the left you can see some plaster lath.  Someone filled in an opening on that wall and didn't take out all the plaster.  Plus they put in these horizontal boards to make up for the depth.  Too bad none of it was level so it took the guys a long time to shim and attempt to get the wall level enough to attach the drywall.

Here's a picture of the window with all it's trim on.  Now we just have to fill nail holes and paint the trim.

First pi…

I'm Not Listening

Today I am not reading anyone else's blogs.  I started to and found my blood pressure rising.  What I found were stories of money, people who have enough money and people who buy all sorts of stuff.  Normally this type of thing doesn't bother me too much but today it did.  It's hot and we are living in chaos that is going to go on for much longer than I had hoped it would.  Did I mention it's hot?  Well it's dang HOT!  It's up to 40C in our backyard.  The heat makes me cranky along with this renovation.  I want it done and I want it done now!  Reading blogs of rich people who have more than enough money to buy all sorts of extra stuff to make their lives fulfilled is just making me cringe.  If I had enough money I'd buy a new house with enough space, closets, insulation, no knob and tube wiring, and at least two bathrooms.  I'd decorate it with things that were pretty and comfortable.  I'd buy beautiful dishes and serve wonderful meals on them every…

Pictures of the Reno

Here are some picture of the renovation we are doing.

This is the room we are renovating.  The windows you see face out into an enclosed porch and are the ones that we are removing.  I took most of the other pictures standing on the porch looking into the room.

Here are the window from the outside.  I'm looking out on the porch from the front door.

Now the windows are gone and a big hole is left where we will fill in and make a solid wall.  Who needs a window onto a porch by the front door.  Stupid place to put a window.

Here's looking into the room from the removed windows. You can see the door to the room on the right and the closet on the left.  Very small room.

Framing for the new window.

Here's the new window opening all cut and ready for the window.

And here is the new window.  It hasn't had it's trim put on yet but it will be white so you get the idea.

Tomorrow they finish up the electrical work and put the insulation in and maybe put up some drywall.

I live in a Cabin

At least that's what my dad said.  We are ripping out plaster and lath walls to remodel a bedroom and he was shocked at how poorly built this house is.  He said that older homes like this one were usually well built but not this one.  We found only air and dust between the walls.  Oh, and the knob and tube wiring!!!!

What really bugs me about the knob and tube is that the electrical box is new and the wiring off that is new.  Somewhere hidden they have connected the new electrical to the old knob and tube so people would think the house has newer wiring.  ACK!

So all my dreams, well I exaggerate, but a big chunk of my dreams for light fixtures and new electrical outlets will not come about.  Instead we will have to leave much of the knob and tube because it's too difficult to rewire without ripping apart the entire house.  Plus some of the wiring has been done weirdly for some reason and it's best not to mess with it unless you are an electrician.  So we are going to put i…

Canada Day!

The neighbours across the alley from us started Wednesday night to celebrate Canada Day.  They sat in their yard yelling and playing loud music well past 1am.  I had to go into my daughter's bedroom to close her window.  She was asleep but I knew that sounds would travel over to my room and I wouldn't be able to sleep through it.  I could still hear all the noise even with her window closed at the back of the house.  I hope they had wicked nasty hang overs today!

Our Canada Day was cool and cloudy but no rain.  I can deal with cool and cloudy.  It was a perfect day to be out and about.  No worries about heat exhaustion or sun burn.  We ended the day with a BBQ and watched the fireworks in our yard at 9:45pm.  Mean mom that I am I made the kids go to bed shortly after that so they wouldn't be too tired Friday.  We have work to do Friday.  Lost of things to clean up and get out of the house.

I can't believe it's July all ready.  The year is going by so quickly and I …