I'm Not Listening

Today I am not reading anyone else's blogs.  I started to and found my blood pressure rising.  What I found were stories of money, people who have enough money and people who buy all sorts of stuff.  Normally this type of thing doesn't bother me too much but today it did.  It's hot and we are living in chaos that is going to go on for much longer than I had hoped it would.  Did I mention it's hot?  Well it's dang HOT!  It's up to 40C in our backyard.  The heat makes me cranky along with this renovation.  I want it done and I want it done now!  Reading blogs of rich people who have more than enough money to buy all sorts of extra stuff to make their lives fulfilled is just making me cringe.  If I had enough money I'd buy a new house with enough space, closets, insulation, no knob and tube wiring, and at least two bathrooms.  I'd decorate it with things that were pretty and comfortable.  I'd buy beautiful dishes and serve wonderful meals on them every night.  I'd pay back all my debts and be able to help family members out who have so generously helped us out.  But instead I'm living in a shack reading rich peoples blogs who are pissing me off.

Did you know that it will take several days to tape and mud the new drywall.  My dad said it will take several coats that have to dry for 48 hours and then you have to sand between coats.  I've never heard this before but since he just had his house done by professionals I'll have to take his word for it.  That could mean up to a week before I can even slap on a coat of primer!  I've got the primer but not paint yet.  I haven't decided on a color.  I'm leaning towards a creamy color with a white ceiling and trim.  I know it's not adventurous but at least I won't get sick of the color in a year like if I picked a trendy color, and then have to paint again.   Paint is expensive.

I would just like to buy a new house and have someone else move all my things into it.  I would especially like to buy a house with central air conditioning so I can go about my business all day without having sweat pour down my face or stinking like a skunk.  I could take several showers and put on clean clothes but really what's the point when they are just going to be sweat soaked in five minutes?  So I'm staying close to our window air conditioner even though it's in the kitchen and doesn't manage to spread much cool air into the living room.  I usually use another big fan to attempt to blow some of the cold air from the kitchen into the living room which works really well except for the noise.  It sounds like a plane taking off in our house with the air conditioner on and the fan going.  To sit in quiet cool peace on a hot summers day is a dream of mine. 

So today I don't want to read about your fantastic vacation, the new house your bought, the new car you bought or the beautiful appliance you just had to have.  I'm not listening cause I can't hear you.  I'm sitting too close to the air conditioner and can't hear a thing!


Carlo said…
Incredible resource. I'm going to suggest this to all of the Phoenix air conditioning companies I know. Thanks again!

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