Same Voice, Bored/Mean/Old Lady Style. and Contest

I'm beginning to see a pattern to the blogs I read.  It's the writing style that so many have.  It's that irreverent/funny/caustic/silly type of writing.  It's almost like reading a diary except not quite.  I even find myself adopting that style even when I don't really want to.  Like now for instance I'll ramble on and then make some silly remark and then ramble on again for awhile.  It can be funny for a bit but gets boring.

So I'm adopting a new writing style as of now.  This style I'm calling "bored/mean/old woman style"  Ya that's it.  I'm one mean old bored woman.  Well, actually I'm not mean at all but I can fake it.  So who am I gonna be mean with to start?

I know, I'll insult all my readers so they leave nasty comments.  Oh, that won't work cause I haven't got any readers, well not many and they rarely leave comments.  I could have a contest?  So vote in the comment section and let me know if you want to have a contest for some random prize that I find laying around my house and don't need anymore.  It could be something fantastic.  If more than 20 people vote for a contest I'll have one. 

Let the vote begin!


Sparkless said…
No votes yet and I even found a wonderful object for a prize. Oh well.
awitchtrying said…
I don't get contests on blogs. I'm not sure what they're for. I thought we were here to read and write and share. I do see some posts and wonder why people wrote them. I have found that if I follow some blogs, those people might follow mine. Same for commenting. When I comment on someone elses blog, they usually come check mine out. Also, if you have a profile set up, you can search through your interests for people who write about things you're interested in. It's taken me since last October to get up to 15 followers and I love them all, just for being there.
Sparkless said…
I think the contests are to get people to come to your site and then post about your contest to get more readers. I comment on most of the blogs I follow but found the bigger the blog the less likely they are to ever look at mine. So now I search for the small interesting blogs where the writers keep them up.
By the way Welcome to my blog awitchtrying!
MarmiteToasty said…
I did a marmite competition once on me blob....... ended up sending loads of jars and marmite stuff out to loads of people instead of just one winner LOL

As far as peoples writings.... I dont get why they just dont be themselves..... I dont know how to be like anyone but ME.... cos whats the sense in trying to be someone ya aint :)

and my blob is a load of rubbish anyways lmfao
Sparkless said…
Marmite, your blog is one of the funniest ones I've read, not rubbish at all!

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