Pictures of the Reno

Here are some picture of the renovation we are doing.

This is the room we are renovating.  The windows you see face out into an enclosed porch and are the ones that we are removing.  I took most of the other pictures standing on the porch looking into the room.

Here are the window from the outside.  I'm looking out on the porch from the front door.

Now the windows are gone and a big hole is left where we will fill in and make a solid wall.  Who needs a window onto a porch by the front door.  Stupid place to put a window.

Here's looking into the room from the removed windows. You can see the door to the room on the right and the closet on the left.  Very small room.

Framing for the new window.

Here's the new window opening all cut and ready for the window.

And here is the new window.  It hasn't had it's trim put on yet but it will be white so you get the idea.

Tomorrow they finish up the electrical work and put the insulation in and maybe put up some drywall.


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