That's how this renovation is going, it's endless!  The one room, my room is almost done.  We just need to put the baseboards on and the molding around the doors and window then the room is finished.  Well, then we need to paint the trim and fix the porch where the window was removed.  We still aren't sure how we are going to finish that wall or if we'll change the porch fixture.

Then there is the room upstairs.  The walls are going up okay.  The husband is making a few stupid looking mistakes.  I'm not sure why he doesn't think things through before he does them.  He just does stuff piece meal and it doesn't ever look very good.  Oh well.

We still have to paint the room upstairs and take all our stuff out of it to move it into our room.  We have to bring our son's stuff up to his new room and get him a rug and set up his stuff.  We bought a new bed for our room but we still need to find a dresser for our clothes.

It's endless!

Here's what we found under the carpet.  We decided it would take too much work to make this old floor look good so we just put a new oak floor over it.

This is when they were putting in the new oak floor.  Lucky for us my dad had a compressor and a nail gun for putting in floors.  That made it much faster and easier for them.

Here's the floor when they finished it.  I think it looks wonderful, don't you?

And this is the upstairs bedrooms.  You can see into the far bedroom which is my daughter's.  We are framing in the wall and door for my son to use the other bedroom.  I don't know how my husband and I survived up there with only a sheet for privacy for so long!  And yes it is a very low ceiling only just over 6 feet in the middle.  My poor son is going to be hitting his head a lot but then so did I and I'm only 5'6".

As soon as they get the baseboards and trim up I'll take a picture of the finished downstairs room and will post some pictures of the new wall and door upstairs.  Tomorrow we will paint all that nasty dark paneling a nice light blue.


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