On and On

We begin our second week of renovations.  I'd post pictures but there is so little to see.  The guys worked on electrical for upstairs today.  We ripped out the carpet in the downstairs bedroom.  Underneath is old wood floors.  We are contemplating refinishing it but not too sure about that yet.

Right now they are working on getting the wall framed in upstairs.  I haven't shown any pictures of our upstairs yet.  It is very small and difficult to get any pictures.  The ceiling is low up there too only about 6ft high and it tapers quickly.  The stairs up are very steep and treacherous.  They used to be wood stairs but they were kind of slippery and we carpeted them to make them safer for the kids.  Carpet is much less slippery for them when they dash down the stairs in stocking feet.

I'll take some pictures and post them tomorrow of the upstairs.  It's looking more like a wall now.  There will actually be two very small bedrooms up there now!  Not one open one and one enclosed one.  You could actually get some privacy up there.  Well, when the wall is finished and a door is installed you will have privacy.

Today we are also experiencing a wind storm.  We don't usually get high winds but today it is gusty.  It's kicking up the sand at the dump and high school.  We are worried our sunshade is going to blow away.  It's tethered to the garage but the material top is only attached to the metal frame with worn out Velcro tabs and they all keep pulling off.  I hope the top doesn't pop off and blow away.

Wish us luck with sanding the basement room tonight.  We may actually get a primer on it tomorrow!


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