Canada Day!

The neighbours across the alley from us started Wednesday night to celebrate Canada Day.  They sat in their yard yelling and playing loud music well past 1am.  I had to go into my daughter's bedroom to close her window.  She was asleep but I knew that sounds would travel over to my room and I wouldn't be able to sleep through it.  I could still hear all the noise even with her window closed at the back of the house.  I hope they had wicked nasty hang overs today!

Our Canada Day was cool and cloudy but no rain.  I can deal with cool and cloudy.  It was a perfect day to be out and about.  No worries about heat exhaustion or sun burn.  We ended the day with a BBQ and watched the fireworks in our yard at 9:45pm.  Mean mom that I am I made the kids go to bed shortly after that so they wouldn't be too tired Friday.  We have work to do Friday.  Lost of things to clean up and get out of the house.

I can't believe it's July all ready.  The year is going by so quickly and I can't keep up.  I get stuff done one day and have to rest for a week then get stuff done and rest another week.  I never have enough energy or time to get as much done as I'd like and I feel like a failure most days.  But today was Canada Day so I didn't worry about what I should be doing and just relaxed and had some fun.  I even slept in way longer than usual.  I don't know how I can sleep that long but sometimes my body just needs that extra sleep and I give in to what she needs.  I woke up feeling refreshed and knew I'd have a great day.

Now send all the positive energies and vibes our way for our bedroom renovation.  I'll post some before and after pictures.  It's such a small room it's hard to get a picture that you can see the entire room but I'll do my best.  We have to take out old plaster lath walls and add new wireing and insulation.  Then put up drywall and paint.  It should be interesting because we've never attempted any big home renovations before.  My dad is coming to help my husband because if my husband did this himself the house would fall down or worse!  So I just hope it all goes smoothly and I'm sleeping in my brand new bedroom in a week or so.


Miriam said…
Just popped by to thank you for your visit to Mucky Boots! Good luck with your renovations - we're living in a house that needed EVERYTHING done, so I can relate to the frustration that comes from having to live with chaos. I hope your bedroom becomes everything you wish for!
Sparkless said…
Thanks for stopping by Miriam. I've been enjoying your blog for awhile and just had to reply when you reminded me of how good gooseberry jelly was.
I'm hoping to post some picturs of before during and after the reno.

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