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Happy New Year 2015!

Well here it is still 2014 around 6pm.  We have no plans for New Years Eve.  We haven't gone out on New Years for years, well at least 18 or more years since we had children.  I don't mind.  What I do miss is having cable tv so I could watch the ball drop in NY Times Square or some of the other New Years programs.  When you watch the live events on tv it's like you are celebrating with all those people.  Now it feels kind of lonely cause we just watch a prerecorded one from the internet.  It's just not the same somehow.

I usually do a year in review to see what I've accomplished.  Usually there are many more things that I remember and it helps to remember all the big and small events.  In the past most of these events centered around the kids and their accomplishments.   It still does to some degree but is moving away from them and back onto the husband and I.

Big events for last year for the son was he went to therapy, graduated from high school, got his first job…

Disaster Averted

The husband did not buy anything he needs to put together.  He finally told me the bolts were for the toilet because one of the bolts broke or something like that.  He bought the wrong size of course and had to go back and get the right size.  I swear this man wastes more money buying everything twice than any human I have ever met.

Christmas was good here.  Kids were content although the son was a bit of a pain.  Christmas day I was so tired and it seemed so was everyone else.  We went back to my parents house on Boxing Day to eat up the leftovers and everyone seemed much perkier so it wasn't just us exhausted on Christmas.

I did get to hold my nephew's new baby.  He was the best baby ever!  He didn't cry once all night and was very alert for a one week old baby.  The parents are both in their early twenties and said they were tired but they both looked good and were in good spirits.  We were all offering up our babysitting services.  I think I trump them all because I on…

Cookies, Recycling and Same Old Stuff

Cookies decorated, check.  The icing wasn't the right consistency and we didn't have tips for the bags so it was awkward trying to pipe the icing onto the cookies but they'll taste fine even if they look like some 5 year olds decorated them.

As I was going through all my Christmas plates and tins I found we had an overabundance of them.  It seems every year someone or other gives us some kind of Christmas plate or bowl.  Beautiful though they may be we have no use for them.  We literally have no space to put a bowl of candy out let alone a plate of cookies.  I find it amusing when the husband wants to set something down and can't find anywhere other than the ground.  He mumbles and grumbles and then I remind him that our house is too small and we need to move to a place that suits our needs more.  He shuts his mouth pretty fast then.

Instead of buying all those reusable plastic containers to give treats to family members we used all those plates, bowls and tins.  I was…

Seasons Greetings

Or Merry Christmas or whatever you celebrate.  Personally I don't care what people say to me, I'm just happy someone was nice enough to wish me well.  So Merry Christmas, Blessed Yule, it's all good.

Still no snow.  We had a bit a few days ago but it turned to rain and all the snow is pretty much gone now.  Looks to be a green Christmas for us this year although I do see in the forecast it says snow/rain on the 23rd and 24th so we can always hope it's snow.

Without snow I'm finding it hard to get into my Christmas spirit.  It doesn't really feel like Christmas time when there is no snow.  We used to go sledding around Christmas and walk outside in the snow.  My favorite thing to do was to be all cozy in the house with hot chocolate and a good book while it snowed heavily outside.  Now it's just damp and cold and rainy. 

My nephew and his girlfriend had their baby this morning.  They named him Roman.  The mom is from a very Italian family so that's where…

Where is the Snow?

We've only had snow a few times this winter.  Now we pretty well have none and it's warm out there.  We are having rainy warm days and I want some snow.  In our long term forecast it's not even going to get below freezing all week.  Ya, I live in Canada people and we don't get much snow.  I don't live on the West coast either I live in the Southern Interior of British Columbia very close to the US border.

I'm trying to stay positive tonight but things are just taking a chunk out of me lately.  My second mom is not doing well and they have stopped chemo because it isn't helping anymore.  Her Dr figures she has about 3 months left.  Can you imagine losing your brother and then within a year and a half losing your mother too?  I can't either and every time I think about it I start crying.

Good news for this family is my friend's daughter is pregnant.  It was an accident and she didn't figure out she was pregnant until she was 22 weeks along.   She …

I Thought We Had It Figured Out

The asthmatic cat is doing well.  He hasn't had a coughing fit and is taking his pill every day.  We dissolve the pill in some warm water and then mix it into a small amount of canned cat food.  Then we have to stand around making sure he eats it so the other cat doesn't get it.

We've been letting the kitty outside a bit in the daytime but he gets really nasty at night when we won't let him outside.  The cats have been fussing at each other more than usual.  The old orange kitty usually sleeps most of the day in my bedroom.  When she comes out the other cat won't leave her alone and constantly is at her.  She goes ballistic hissing and growling at him.  It sounds like they are killing each other.  We always break up the fights by redirecting or removing one of the cats.

Tonight they really went at it and the daughter's cat even chased the old kitty into our bedroom and scratched her tail really badly.  It bled a ton all over the floor and bed.  I was surprised …