I Thought We Had It Figured Out

The asthmatic cat is doing well.  He hasn't had a coughing fit and is taking his pill every day.  We dissolve the pill in some warm water and then mix it into a small amount of canned cat food.  Then we have to stand around making sure he eats it so the other cat doesn't get it.

We've been letting the kitty outside a bit in the daytime but he gets really nasty at night when we won't let him outside.  The cats have been fussing at each other more than usual.  The old orange kitty usually sleeps most of the day in my bedroom.  When she comes out the other cat won't leave her alone and constantly is at her.  She goes ballistic hissing and growling at him.  It sounds like they are killing each other.  We always break up the fights by redirecting or removing one of the cats.

Tonight they really went at it and the daughter's cat even chased the old kitty into our bedroom and scratched her tail really badly.  It bled a ton all over the floor and bed.  I was surprised it bled that much.  I'm still not sure if that is her only wound but I haven't been able to find anything else.  I guess the end of the tail must bleed profusely.

The daughter's cat is really beginning to upset me.  He has never got along with our old cat and we've had him for 5 years now.  I've been reading up about why cats fight like that and have some ideas how to reduce the conflict but if this keeps up one of those cats is going to have to go and I don't think it will be the 14 year old cat.

In all my years of having cats I've never had cats that don't get along and fight this much.  I wonder if the steroid the young kitty is taking for his asthma is making him more aggressive.  I'll have to ask the vet when I go to get more of his pills.  I do have some of this spray stuff called Feliway that is supposed to calm cats down.  It is supposed to smell like a nursing mom cat or something like that.  I'm not sure why that would calm a cat down but it was recommended by the woman at the pet store.  It didn't seem to do much at the time but I sprayed it around the house tonight hoping that we don't have any more of this fighting tonight.  I will have to wash my quilt in the morning because of the big blood spot on it.

We can't get our other quilt out because they are stored in the daughter's bedroom and she's sleeping.  Ya, our house is so small we have no storage so stuff is stashed in the kids' bedrooms.  I just hope her tail doesn't start bleeding or get infected.  I'd clean it tonight but she won't let me near her tail.  She hates anyone touching her tail anyway.  So I'm going to hope that with all that blood it washed itself out pretty well.  It doesn't look like a very big wound and I'm still shocked at how much it bled.

In all my years of having cats and I've had them pretty much my entire life I've never had this many problems with my cats.  I used to consider myself a cat person but not so much anymore.  I don't even know if I'll get anymore cats after these two are gone.  These two have really made me not want all the bother and expense and if you knew me and knew how much I love cats and all pets you'd know that it must be pretty bad for me to say that.

All I want for Christmas is two healthy happy cats, a house big enough to fit us, and peace on earth.  Is that too much to ask for?  Ya, probably, so just send Valium and I won't care about any of the above.  LOL!


You know, I bet you're right -- it's roid rage! I've never heard of a cat being treated for asthma before.
Anonymous said…
There is a product called Vetericyn that you can just spray on the cat's tail. It is expensive but it works really well and cheaper than a vet visit. We keep a bottle in the house.

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