Disaster Averted

The husband did not buy anything he needs to put together.  He finally told me the bolts were for the toilet because one of the bolts broke or something like that.  He bought the wrong size of course and had to go back and get the right size.  I swear this man wastes more money buying everything twice than any human I have ever met.

Christmas was good here.  Kids were content although the son was a bit of a pain.  Christmas day I was so tired and it seemed so was everyone else.  We went back to my parents house on Boxing Day to eat up the leftovers and everyone seemed much perkier so it wasn't just us exhausted on Christmas.

I did get to hold my nephew's new baby.  He was the best baby ever!  He didn't cry once all night and was very alert for a one week old baby.  The parents are both in their early twenties and said they were tired but they both looked good and were in good spirits.  We were all offering up our babysitting services.  I think I trump them all because I only live a block and a half away from them and I don't work so am available more often.  I'm pretty sure the mom won't have any problem finding a babysitter because she has lots of family around too.  They are a sweet family and I wish them all the best.

We played Cards Against Humanity tonight and had a blast.  It's a game where you pull a card with a fill in the blank type question and everyone else has to fill in the blank with cards they pull from a deck.  The person who asks the questions doesn't know which answer was given by which person and chooses the funniest or best answer.  Then the next person gets to choose a question card.  The person who has the most answers picked wins.  The thing about this game is that it has lots of inappropriate and offensive cards.  It's also not for children and is strictly an adult game.  It's all good fun and we laughed so hard at the absurdity of some of the answers that I think I pulled a stomach muscle.

Now it's on to New Years Eve.  What to do?  The husband will actually be off that night and for New Years Day too so we can actually stay up late.  Last year I think he could stay up late too but fell asleep on the couch long before midnight and left me with the daughter's cat to kiss on New Years'.

I'm not sure what the kids will be doing for New Years Eve.  Usually the daughter sleeps over at a friends' house who has a New Years Day birthday.  They have a bunch of girls stay overnight and have a great time.  The daughter hasn't heard if this is happening this year or not and I'm thinking it's not going to happen.  We'd have the girls over here but there is not enough room for them and the husband and I.  No teens want to hang out with their friends' parents and I don't blame them.

No idea what the son will be doing either.  He bought gifts for his friends and hasn't bothered to wrap them or give them to his friends.  He didn't even give his gift to his girlfriend.  His girlfriend has been home from University for over a week now and he's seen her once.  He hasn't made plans to get together with her since then.  I'm thinking he's either a real crappy boyfriend or his girlfriend is the crappy one.  One of them or both are very strange.   Kids hang out online together now and rarely seem to go out of the house to see each other.  It's a strange new world and I'm not altogether sure if it's a better one even though I love the internet and use it every day.

It has finally decided to snow a bit.  We had a few inches today and it's supposed to snow some more but we'll see.  I remember winter when the snowbanks were almost as tall as I am and we had to shovel off the flat garage roof or risk it collapsing under the weight of the snow.  Now we have green/brown Christmas where it feels more like spring.  I guess it could be worse, like living somewhere where it's really really cold and gets so much snow you can hardly get out and drive around.  I'll count my blessings and hope for a more snowy winter next year.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and are gearing up for a great New Year.


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