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Welcome 2014!

I actually have 3 more hours before it's the new year because it's only 9pm but lots of people are already celebrating.  The kids are out at friends and won't be back until tomorrow morning.  The husband has to work early tomorrow and went to bed because 4:30am comes very early.  So here I sit on my computer trying my best to figure out what was good about 2013 and what I'd like to do in 2014.

When the kids were small we used to sit down and write out a year in review.  We'd use the old calendar and look back and see all the things we did.  It was so much fun to remember all the fun things the kids had done.  Then we'd write out wishes for the new year down.  Then the following New Year we'd look at our wishes and see if we'd managed to make any of them come true.

The kids haven't done this with me for several years now.  So I'm trying to remember it all myself and my calendar isn't helping me because I know I haven't written down everyt…

I'm Exhausted

I'm exhausted, but from what I have no idea.  We don't do lots of running around during the holidays.  Maybe it's from all the sitting.  It's been icy outside so I haven't been going out much.  I need to get out and stretch my legs because this house is so tiny it's impossible to get any exercise here.  If we had the room I'd get myself a treadmill.  But there is no where to put it.

Christmas was quiet as we like it.  Since our kids were small we've tried to keep Christmas low key.  We always do Christmas morning at home.  We make sure they eat and drink properly before diving into present opening.  Now that they are teens some of the excitement has been lost plus it's so much harder to find a gift that will wow them.  Then I think it shouldn't really be all about the gifts anyway so I don't stress over them too much.

We only have a bit of snow, just enough to cover the ground.  It's plenty cold enough but there is no precipitation so no…

Ho Hum

I've been pretty happy up until last week.  Then it hit.  The Ho Hums hit like a ton of bricks.  I don't feel excited about anything.  It all seems boring.  I just want to stay home on the couch with a book.

I'm pretty sure the kids will have a great Christmas because I'm awesome at figuring out what a person wants even if they don't know it yet.   They also will be off school which they enjoy even more than good presents.  The husband gets what he wants but for the life of me I can't figure out what I want except a bigger house.  I've tried to think of a gift that would make me happy, well not happy but something that I'd like.  I keep drawing a blank.  Is this what it's like to get older?  You don't want anything because everything is boring and you know you don't really need it.  All that stuff you get for Christmas will just be more things you have to find placed for in an already full house.

We hardly have any snow and there is rain in t…

The Tree is Up

I thought I'd make it a formal announcement because usually we don't put our tree up until a week before Christmas but his year it's up over two weeks before.  The reason we don't put our tree up too early is because we always get a real tree.  Our house is very dry when it's cold and the trees dry out quickly even though we keep the stand filled with water and do all the things they tell you to keep your tree fresh.

This year I had money saved from my birthday and I was going to get the best tree not the cheapest one.  I didn't care how much it cost as long as I had enough money in my pocket.  We went with a shorter cultured Fir tree this year.  Usually we don't buy the cultured trees because they are so much more expensive but this year they were actually fairly inexpensive at $40 for a 5 foot one.  The last couple of years they have been $50 and up.

We put our tree on a small table so we can put presents under the table and save space in our small livin…

I'm Crabby

Everyone else was crabby all week but me.  I tried to make them see how much fun life was.  I was having fun.  They continued to be crabby I ignored them and made plans for Christmas fun.  I had hoped that they would join in on my good mood but that was not to be. 

The bad attitudes finally got to me.  The husband egging the daughter on to get angry.  The daughter behaving like a spoiled brat.  The son whining about having to get a present for us.  Can you believe that he's never bought a present for his own girlfriend?  Me either.

The daughter's cat jumped up somewhere he shouldn't be and the husband yelled at her to get her cat down.  She did but she didn't put what was in her hand down first and tried to grab him with one hand.  She always does that, kind of like a toddler does.  You know when they won't put something down to do something else or get something else.   It's like she thinks someone is going to take whatever she has so she won't put it dow…

Now the Other One is Kicking Off

Like we don't have enough problems with the son and his weirdness the daughter decides it's her turn for a meltdown.  At least in her defense she has monthly hormones that make her miserable.

The story goes.  Daughter wants to go to the school's formal dance.  Fine says I and we get her a dress, really pretty too.  I ask about tickets and find they are on sale now for $10.  I ask if she has enough money and she doesn't so I give her some.  I figure it's all set and I'm happy for her until....
she says "I don't know why I'm even going.  I don't have fun at dances."  Arg!

This is true, she hasn't gone to a dance in a couple of years, every since grade 8.  Fine you don't like dances but why did you want to go to this one?  She doesn't know.  She says she feels so stressed out.  I ask her if it's her hormones maybe and she agrees that it probably is.  I tell her to just hang on for a couple of days and she'll feel better.  …

What is Wrong With Kids Today?

I've written about the problems we have with the son.  We aren't sure what his problem is really because he won't talk.  From what we can figure out he has social anxiety and or depression.  We aren't really sure if it's serious enough or not to get him professional help.  Some days he seems normal and then there are days like today when I worry.

The son is in grade 12 this year.  The kids have to work at a paying job or volunteer a certain number of hours and then write an essay about it.  They have to complete this to graduate.  It is part of the graduation requirements, it isn't optional.  We have tried to help him get a job but he won't do anything.  We have explained that he won't graduate unless he does this but he ignores us.  His girlfriend volunteers at the hospital so we encouraged (hand held) him to volunteer there too.  He has been there twice being trained and was supposed to go again today.

I asked him several days ago when he was supposed…