I'm Crabby

Everyone else was crabby all week but me.  I tried to make them see how much fun life was.  I was having fun.  They continued to be crabby I ignored them and made plans for Christmas fun.  I had hoped that they would join in on my good mood but that was not to be. 

The bad attitudes finally got to me.  The husband egging the daughter on to get angry.  The daughter behaving like a spoiled brat.  The son whining about having to get a present for us.  Can you believe that he's never bought a present for his own girlfriend?  Me either.

The daughter's cat jumped up somewhere he shouldn't be and the husband yelled at her to get her cat down.  She did but she didn't put what was in her hand down first and tried to grab him with one hand.  She always does that, kind of like a toddler does.  You know when they won't put something down to do something else or get something else.   It's like she thinks someone is going to take whatever she has so she won't put it down.  It's not like that ever happens either so it makes no sense.

Anyway, she knocked over a picture my sister gave me for my 50th birthday.  Of course the glass smashed and the picture got scratched.  The daughter yells she's sorry a million times in an angry voice.  So I yelled back at her why didn't she put that stupid bowl down first!  I was mad at both of them.  Mad at the husband for being mean, mad at the daughter for breaking my present.  Why is it always something of mine that they break?  Go break your own things leave mine alone!

Now I'm crabby and I don't want to be.  I want that good feeling back.  Stupid family!  Anyone want a crabby family?  I'd gladly give you mine today for free.


Crabbiness appears to be contagious, whereas happiness is not. Bummer.
Mama Pea said…
I'm a bit of a crabby-pants myself right now. (I think I need a good boot in the patoot.)

Curiously, I'm listening to an audio book right now entitled, "Hardwiring Happiness" by Rick Hanson. I'm just barely into it but so far I like what he's saying. Because of our need for survival way back when, our brains tend to be hard wired and "remember" the negative experiences and dismiss the positive ones. The idea is to do what you've been doing . . . put the emphasis on the positive and "grow" that part of our brain which will then expand and create more happiness, good feelings, optimism. Yup, it's all the "change" thing we have to learn to do!
Sparkless said…
Debra, I had hoped my happiness would be contagious. I hung onto that for a week before I snapped so I'm pretty proud of myself. Next time I'm going for two weeks.

Mama Pea, that sounds like a fascinating book. Thank goodness for me my crabbiness took a hike after a couple of days and I'm back to my Christmas bliss.

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