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Fall and Birthdays

I love Fall! Not only are the kids back in school and the weather gets cooler but my birthday is usually on or around the first day of Fall. Sept has always been my favorite month.

My husband keeps asking me what I want for my birthday and I've given him a list. Want to know what I put on that list? I told him I wanted a motion sensor light on the front porch, a lined toilet, a new back door, and the roof fixed. No I'm not your usual woman I actually want those things! LOL

I've put up with a dripping toilet for 13 years now and buying a new one and installing it is something my husband can actually do. The light on the porch we never turn on and when anyone comes at night they have to stumble around in the dark. If there was a motion sensor light then we wouldn't have to leave the light on all the time. The back door is an old one with a skeleton key and single pane glass window in it. Do I really need to tell him that it's not secure? The roof leaks a bi…