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A Little Advise

Everywhere I look today I see something that makes me mad.  I am trying really hard not to make comments or acknowledge these things to the people who are doing them because what's the point.  Have you ever listened to a stranger?  Ya, me neither.

Here's what's bugging me in no particular order.  I keep seeing pictures of kids drinking pop or as some people call it sodas.  Please people stop giving that crap to your kids.  Not only is it not healthy but it's going to rot their teeth out of their heads.  I can hear you all spouting things like, "I only give them soda once in awhile" or "it was a long weekend treat, we don't drink soda regularly."  But aren't treats something that should be good for you not things that are totally unhealthy?  We are teaching our kids that the best things in food are the ones that are garbage for your body.  Think about that for awhile.  Is that what you really want to teach you kids?

Then along those lines is…

The Things I'm Not Thinking About

I've been avoiding things in my life, lots of things.  So I wanted to write a list of them all and see if there are as many as I think there are.  Guess what, there is and here is my list.

1. My weight, not going to think about it cause then I'd have to do something about it and that would mean I can't shove all the food in my mouth that I want to and I'd lose my major source of comfort.

2. How long and grey my hair is getting.  If I think about it I'd have to get a haircut and if I look in the mirror I look like an aging hippy, not a good look on anyone except an aging hippy chick.

3.  How little money we have for our retirement, virtually none for me.  I have nothing except for what the government will give me and that won't be enough to live on.

5. Our aging house.  Our roof is now 16 years old and the intense sun and heat we get mean that the southern side is probably quickly reaching the end of it's life.  How will we pay for a new roof?  More debt I a…

Daft Draft

I must have almost the same number of draft posts saved as I do posts.  They are incomplete thoughts, repetitions on a theme and just plain old whines that no one needs to be subjected to.  There are also some personal things that I like to write out to help me work through but I will never post them.

I'm wondering if I'm the only one who does this?  Do you have just as many drafts as posts?  And if so why?  Do you like to write out problems or opinions that you don't really want to share or are you just a perfectionist?

Perfectionist isn't on my list but I know it would be on other people's.  A few times I revised posts and changed how I wrote them to make them better reading.  Then it took too much time and since I don't make money from my blog I don't need to waste too much time making perfect posts.  I don't expect them from anyone else either so you won't find me judging you on your grammar or spelling.  Heck I probably won't even notice yo…

Mother's Day, Summer and Full Moon

I had a good Mother's Day.  The kids and husband planted flowers in our front garden and gave me a pot of flowers and a new sun face stepping stone.  We had brunch of fresh fruit, bacon, cheese, veggies, and croissants.   I love simple things because no one gets crabby working too hard.

The husband had to work at 2pm so when he left we went up to my parents house where the kids did yard work.  We gave my mom a big pot of flowers for her to put in the front of her house and a card.  Oh, and I forgot the husband and daughter made some ginger snap cookies.  We make them large and soft so I guess they aren't really ginger snap cookies more like ginger bread cookies.

Our weather has turned hot suddenly as it always does.  We don't get much spring weather when the sun is out and it's cool enough to enjoy.  As soon as the sun comes out here it's smoking hot.  Right now the house is almost too hot to sleep in.  We haven't got the window a/c units in yet but I'm sur…

Life is Like That

Today is my husband and my 24th wedding anniversary (I wrote this on May 1st and didn't post it because it wasn't finished, so now I'm finishing it).  I can't say it's been all a bed of roses but I guess it's okay.  I don't expect him to be perfect because frankly I'm not perfect myself.  We tolerate each other pretty well.

I gave up my dreams a long time ago mostly because they were immature and impossible.  That may sound sad but it's really not.  Dreams are for people who are sleeping not for people who are awake.  I am wide awake.  Life is a tough haul with small bits of brightness along the way.

Still no phone call from the hospital to schedule the husbands stress test.  The son fell back into his old ways of playing video games all the time and not doing simple things we ask him to do.  He is on medication and in therapy and we can't see any improvement.  He pretty much lies to his therapist.  She has no idea what is going on and she's…