The Things I'm Not Thinking About

I've been avoiding things in my life, lots of things.  So I wanted to write a list of them all and see if there are as many as I think there are.  Guess what, there is and here is my list.

1. My weight, not going to think about it cause then I'd have to do something about it and that would mean I can't shove all the food in my mouth that I want to and I'd lose my major source of comfort.

2. How long and grey my hair is getting.  If I think about it I'd have to get a haircut and if I look in the mirror I look like an aging hippy, not a good look on anyone except an aging hippy chick.

3.  How little money we have for our retirement, virtually none for me.  I have nothing except for what the government will give me and that won't be enough to live on.

5. Our aging house.  Our roof is now 16 years old and the intense sun and heat we get mean that the southern side is probably quickly reaching the end of it's life.  How will we pay for a new roof?  More debt I assume but I'm not gonna think about it

6.  My elderly cat who has no belly fur left and rotten teeth.  She seems okay most of the time and we thought she had some kind of food allergy but we've changed her food a zillion times and the fur isn't growing back.  I've checked her for fleas and we even put that Advantage stuff on her just in case, no fur grew back.  I want to take her to the vet and have her checked and maybe even have her teeth done but that is going to cost a small fortune that I don't have so for now I'm not going to think about it and just buy her soft food and hope she isn't bald in a week.

7. My son and what he's going to do with his life after graduation.  I'm not thinking about it because it should be him thinking about it and me just helping and supporting him.  Too bad I'm the only one thinking about it at all.

8.  The cost of living, global warming, the economy....... lalalalalala I can't hear you, I'm not listening!

I'm not thinking about this stupid list anymore either.  The End.


Penny said…
The cat might be chomping her hair out. I had a cat do that but never caught her in the act. I had a friend who had all her cats teeth pulled as recommended by her vet. Big mistake, the cat couldn't eat very well and constantly drooled.

Your plan of action(or not) maybe is a good idea. You can only do so much. Why stress yourself out. Good luck.
Sparkless said…
Hi Penny, I hear and see my cat licking her belly all the time. There are so very small red marks sometimes on her belly. They look almost like bites but I can never find any fleas on her or even flea dirt. We did a flea treatment and it didn't help either.
Since she looks healthy and seems happy we will just watch her and buy her some soft food so it's easier for her to eat.
Mama Pea said…
In some quirky way, I love your idea of making a list of things not to think about. Maybe by doing that we can flush them out of our minds. Maybe?
Sparkless said…
Mama Pea, Avoiding things we don't want to do anything about or can't do anything about should be my middle name. Making a list about all the things I'm avoiding thinking about is kind of scary so I'm not going to think about making any more lists period!

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