Mother's Day, Summer and Full Moon

I had a good Mother's Day.  The kids and husband planted flowers in our front garden and gave me a pot of flowers and a new sun face stepping stone.  We had brunch of fresh fruit, bacon, cheese, veggies, and croissants.   I love simple things because no one gets crabby working too hard.

The husband had to work at 2pm so when he left we went up to my parents house where the kids did yard work.  We gave my mom a big pot of flowers for her to put in the front of her house and a card.  Oh, and I forgot the husband and daughter made some ginger snap cookies.  We make them large and soft so I guess they aren't really ginger snap cookies more like ginger bread cookies.

Our weather has turned hot suddenly as it always does.  We don't get much spring weather when the sun is out and it's cool enough to enjoy.  As soon as the sun comes out here it's smoking hot.  Right now the house is almost too hot to sleep in.  We haven't got the window a/c units in yet but I'm sure on the husband's next days off we'll put the one in upstairs.  I always like to wait till the last minute to put the kitchen one in because then we have no windows in the kitchen that we can see out of.  We only have one small window above the kitchen sink in our kitchen.  There are three doors in the kitchen though so that makes it pretty awkward.

It was so warm tonight that I was sitting outside at 10pm with just a t-shirt on and wasn't even cold.  I was enjoying the full moon.  The sky was so pretty and I could smell the lilacs.  I could also smell the neighbours pot.  Nothing better than having people who smoke pot medicinally outside every night.  That smell drifts over the fence and makes some evenings difficult to enjoy sitting outside.

I have so much work to do and I don't even know where to start.  What usually happens is I start and end up not being able to make much of a dent for one reason or another and give up in despair.  I'd like my house to be organized and clean but when I try to organize things there just isn't anywhere to put stuff.  I end up sorting  and getting rid of some of it but you can't really get rid of things you use and need.  There just isn't enough room in this house, there is no storage space so the very small closets are filled up.  This means you have to dig through all that stuff to get anything out.  Plus I have no closet to hang my clothes up in.  I have a couple tubs of clothing somewhere that are the clothes that I would normally hang up in a closet.  I have totally lost track of where those tubs are and I need to find them to see if I have any nice clothes that fit.

The husband sometimes decides he is going to organize things.  What he ends up doing is moving stuff around and just shoving things into corners never to be found again.  Drives me insane.  I like organization.  You put the things you don't use often in the back and the things you need more often to the front so you can find them.  You label your boxes and bags of stuff so you can easily find things.  The husband is a fan of the garbage bag and likes to just toss stuff into them and tie them closed.  I usually have about 10 garbage bags I have to sort through at the end of each year because he hasn't labeled what he put in them nor sorted the stuff out by use.  I never put anything in a garbage bag but garbage.

And the dust in this house is horrible.  Because our dryer is in the hallway there is always dust on everything in the bathroom.  The dust sticks to everything because the bathroom gets damp because there is no fan in there and we all shower.  There is a window but it doesn't really help with air circulation much.  I actually have to dust off things in the bathroom because they all get this thick coating of dust on them.  I've never had this happen anywhere else I've lived.

Anyway, I was saying that it's spring, and there is just too much to do.  I don't even know where to start.  I should probably start somewhere easy so that at least I get one thing done.  Yes, that's what I'll do.  I'll start with the front porch and clean that.  If you don't hear back from me from a long time it's because the front porch kicked my butt and I'm hiding my head in shame.


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