A Little Advise

Everywhere I look today I see something that makes me mad.  I am trying really hard not to make comments or acknowledge these things to the people who are doing them because what's the point.  Have you ever listened to a stranger?  Ya, me neither.

Here's what's bugging me in no particular order.  I keep seeing pictures of kids drinking pop or as some people call it sodas.  Please people stop giving that crap to your kids.  Not only is it not healthy but it's going to rot their teeth out of their heads.  I can hear you all spouting things like, "I only give them soda once in awhile" or "it was a long weekend treat, we don't drink soda regularly."  But aren't treats something that should be good for you not things that are totally unhealthy?  We are teaching our kids that the best things in food are the ones that are garbage for your body.  Think about that for awhile.  Is that what you really want to teach you kids?

Then along those lines is the bottled water.  Just don't buy bottled water.  Tap water is fine to drink and if you are worried about it get some type of a filter on your water tap.  If you want cold water put a jug of tap in the fridge.  It's pretty much a no brainer here.  Plastic water bottles should be banned!

Moving on to the pictures I've seen of kids out on the water this past holiday weekend.  I've seen so many pictures of kids in boats with no life jackets on.  I don't care how well your child swims if he or she is in a boat they need to be wearing a life jacket.  Any parent who doesn't put a life jacket on their child should be charged, no excuses people.  And parents should be the example of this by wearing their life jacket every time they get into a boat.

Next up is all the food things.  I know lots of people can't eat gluten and some just feel better when they avoid it but for most people gluten is not a problem.  They've even done studies that showed most people who think they are gluten intolerant aren't.  In double blind studies when they fed people non-gluten foods they said they felt bloated and nasty because they thought they ate gluten.  This whole gluten thing may just be a placebo effect thing.  And yes the placebo affect is a real thing.  Our brains are powerful things and not to be messed with.

So this makes me wonder what the next food fad will be.  Right now the full-fat movement for foods seems to be gaining strength.  I just wish people would eat real, local, organic foods and ditch the processed ones.  I'm sick to death of everyone telling me they were healed by eating a certain way.  That's great and all but when I have to buy your book or spend a fortune on expensive supplements I know exactly what's healed you and it wasn't those supplements it's my money and all the other suckers that dropped their money into your pocket!

Here's the two best pieces of advise people, "moderation in all things" and "do unto others as you'd have them do unto you."  Now if I could only follow my own advise. 


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