Daft Draft

I must have almost the same number of draft posts saved as I do posts.  They are incomplete thoughts, repetitions on a theme and just plain old whines that no one needs to be subjected to.  There are also some personal things that I like to write out to help me work through but I will never post them.

I'm wondering if I'm the only one who does this?  Do you have just as many drafts as posts?  And if so why?  Do you like to write out problems or opinions that you don't really want to share or are you just a perfectionist?

Perfectionist isn't on my list but I know it would be on other people's.  A few times I revised posts and changed how I wrote them to make them better reading.  Then it took too much time and since I don't make money from my blog I don't need to waste too much time making perfect posts.  I don't expect them from anyone else either so you won't find me judging you on your grammar or spelling.  Heck I probably won't even notice your mistakes.

My husband has his heart stress test tomorrow and I'm worried about it.  I'm worried that they will find he has some type of heart disease or other problem with his heart.  More than likely he doesn't but it's the not knowing for sure that stresses people out.  I'll be glad when it's over and we have the results.  I can deal with bad results but not knowing is the worst.

I have a ton of laundry to do tomorrow and I'm hoping the weather will cooperate so I can hang as much as possible out on the clothes lines.  Doing laundry goes so much faster when you can hang most of it outside to dry.  I don't usually hang up our undies and socks because it would take forever to hang them all up and too many people can see in our yard so I'm not hanging my undies up out there for all to see how ugly and old they are.  It's just so much faster to throw the socks and undies and small clothes in the dryer and hang up the towels, shirts, pants and sheets.  If it's sunny I can get all the laundry done in a day. 

I'm hoping to figure out what we are getting the son for graduation.  I was thinking luggage but I'm not sure where to find any around here other than Walmart and I'd rather not buy it there.  Can you believe that Walmart is the only place we can buy shoes in our small town?  I can never find anything that fits from there and my daughter hasn't had much success either.  I think they send all the crap that the larger stores can't sell to the little stores in the sticks where people don't have many choices.  In other words they dump the junk on us small towners.  At least that's how it seems to me. 

I only own one pair of running shoes and a pair of winter boots.  Well technically my winter boots are toast because the side ripped out of them.  I have a pair of sandals that I wear every day but when I go out I put on my runners.  I wish I could find some comfortable nice looking shoes that would fit my incredibly wide foot.  I've always had a wide foot even when I was a skinny girl.  Having kids only made things so much worse on the shoe front. 

I just realized I need to figure something other than black stretch pants and a t-shirt that I can wear to the son's Graduation.  I did buy this long dress but it is sleeveless.  No one wants to see my flabby old lady arms and I don't want to show them off.  Every dang thing is sleeveless now though so it's frustrating to find anything to wear.  If I wear the dress I have to find some kind of a shrug to wear to cover up my arms.  Then I'll have to figure out what shoes or sandals I can find to wear with the dress.  The sandals I wear every day are not the kind you would wear with a dress.  They are those ugly Birkenstock like ones, comfy to wear but ugly. 

We have to buy a corsage for the grad date for the son too.  My parents are going to host a grad party for the son on Father's day.  Unfortunately grad weekend is on the same weekend as Father's Day so we'll just combine the two.  We are having cold chicken, buns, salads, and lasagna.  My mom wants to make a cake so I'll see about making some cupcakes and bring some ice cream.  So many details to a party and so much expense to this Graduation thing.  I'll probably run out of money and have to drag out a credit card just to get through and it's not like we are doing anything real expensive for him.  There will only be family and a few friends at the party and some of the son's friends will be invited but they may not come because they may be having their own graduation party or even a Father's Day thing.  It's more like an open house, come for a bit or stay for supper if you like.  We figure 20-25 people.  We would do it in our backyard but if the weather isn't good we can't all fit in our house.  We are lucky my parents have a big house and still can host family events. 

I'm tired just thinking about it.  I used to love having people over and planning parties or get togethers.  But some time after I had children I lost all my energy and zing and it's never come back.  My get up and go left and I'd sure like some of it back.  I don't expect to be like I was 20 years ago but I sure would like enough energy to get through a day without needing a nap.  Sheesh!

Well I'll end this now before you all need a nap from boredom.  Just wanted to keep my fingers limber and let you all know I'm still here and barely alive.


Barb said…
Hi, hope your husbands test is good. As I reading the part about getting a gift for your son, it reminded of when my son graduated from colledge. I shopping and found a tee-shirt that said "if you promise to leave..I promise to miss you" I didn't get it...but I wanted too. Ha Ha
Your post are not boring. If I was a blogger you would see boring!
Sparkless said…
Hi Barb, I was actually looking at t-shirts for my son. The one I thought was funny for him was the one that said "I'd agree with you but then we'd both be wrong." LOL!

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