Life is Like That

Today is my husband and my 24th wedding anniversary (I wrote this on May 1st and didn't post it because it wasn't finished, so now I'm finishing it).  I can't say it's been all a bed of roses but I guess it's okay.  I don't expect him to be perfect because frankly I'm not perfect myself.  We tolerate each other pretty well.

I gave up my dreams a long time ago mostly because they were immature and impossible.  That may sound sad but it's really not.  Dreams are for people who are sleeping not for people who are awake.  I am wide awake.  Life is a tough haul with small bits of brightness along the way.

Still no phone call from the hospital to schedule the husbands stress test.  The son fell back into his old ways of playing video games all the time and not doing simple things we ask him to do.  He is on medication and in therapy and we can't see any improvement.  He pretty much lies to his therapist.  She has no idea what is going on and she's not very receptive to us trying to talk to her about what is happening.  I feel like she is saying to us that we are over critical which we aren't.  This is a young man who can't do the simplest things like get a job, learn to drive or make any plans for his future.  Even if we baby it up for him and try to help him he just plain old refuses to do anything.

The daughter is acting all whiny about school and how much she hates it.  I agree with her that school can be difficult but everyone has to get through it one way or another.  I ask her what she would like me to do about it or how I can help and she has no answer, neither do I.

We found out that the hospital didn't call and the husband missed his stress test so now he has to get it rescheduled.  It kind of works out better because he wouldn't have been able to do his stress test because his gout in his foot was still bothering him and he wouldn't take anything to help it get better faster.  The ER Dr. told him not to take any NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) even over the counter stuff.  He talked to a pharmacist and he said the same thing.  When the husband went to his Dr. to see about getting a different gout medication so he could get back to work the Dr. wanted to give him a different NSAIDS.  The husband refused it and asked for a different medication.  The Dr. gave it to him but told him he would get the runs from it pretty bad.

So the husband was all worried about taking this medication and didn't start it until the kids were in school.  I'll just say we only have one bathroom so the fewer people at home to need to use it the better.  Turns out the husband had no side effects from the medication but it also didn't seem to really work that well either.  But then it does say to take it at the first sign of gout and he had been suffering from it for over two weeks by then.

I really could use a break from worrying about my family.  I wish they would just get it together for a day or a week so I could relax and enjoy a moment of calm.  That's not going to happen though so I'll share some good news instead.  My younger sister is going to be a grandma!  Her youngest son's girlfriend is expecting a baby in Dec.  She is thrilled for them.  This will be her first grand-baby and my parents first great grand child so everyone is excited.  And with that I will say good night.


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