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Proceed with Caution

The son got his report card last week.  He's not a stupid or slow kid he's just lazy and shy.  He's too afraid to ask for help so he doesn't finish his work and thus doesn't hand in all his assignments.  This leads to him getting incomplete for his grade.  He has been warned about this before.  We have taken his video games away from him for not completing work.  So what does he do?  Yup he gets an incomplete in math this term.

So although I got an A in algebra in University I don't remember all the stupid little details of how to do things like dividing negative exponents etc.  So we sat for hours trying to look up info.  Oh, and the real kicker is that this teacher doesn't use a text book so there is no where we can go to see examples of how to do the questions.  All I have is the worksheet.  I don't even have the answers to see if we did things right.

I'm ready to kill someone, well not literally of course but I can't believe this kid is so l…

Lots of Chocolate

That's what I put in the kid's Easter baskets.  I also put in some shorts, tshirt and a video game for the son and a microphone for the daughter for her iPod.  They were happy.

What we didn't do is decorate eggs this year.  No one really likes hard boiled eggs that much so we don't do them.  I was going to blow the eggs and then we could paint or use felt pens on eggs but we didn't even do that.  I'm getting rather lame in my old age. 

I don't have any pictures to share because we didn't take any.  Usually I take pictures of the kids sitting on the couch with their Easter baskets but the husband gave them their baskets before I could get a picture.  We didn't have much time because we had to get ready to drive out to the in law's for lunch and supper.

The drive takes about an hour and a half so we got there just in time for lunch.  Then we chatted and sat around and watched the stupid hockey games.  Dumb Canucks, and that's all I'm going…


I want to restart today.  I want to get out of bed with energy and zing.  I want to feed myself a wonderful healthy breakfast instead of the coffee I had.  I want a do over!

It's almost noon here and I haven't got a thing done.  I'm still in my jammies.  Come on, lets get going.  My umph has got up and left.  It doesn't help that the husband is home today.  He goes around doing stuff and never once consults me.  It's like I'm not even there.  He just went out grocery shopping.  Didn't even ask if I wanted to come or even consult with me about what he is buying.  He never buys stuff anyone else can cook or the kids will eat.  I have to go shopping again after him cause he just buys stuff like meat for supper.  It's like breakfast and lunch don't exist to him cause he's totally focused on suppers.  Healthy snacks aren't on his list either.

I wonder what he'll bring back.  Most likely a few packages of hamburger.  I've totally gone off …


Here's the picture of the baked pyrahi.  I didn't get a picture of them cut open on a plate or anything.  There was four different fillings, bean, pea, potato and cottage cheese.  You can drizzle melted butter or sour cream on top of them.  Very simple to make just takes time and very frugal meal. 

Now if I could just get my husband to make some more so we could put a whole bunch in the freezer they would make great lunches for the kids too.  We took a big package of them to my parents so there isn't any left overs tonight.

What's for Supper Wednesday

Okay so it doesn't rhyme but that's my title and I'm sticking to it.  The husband and I made over 48 Pyrahi today.  Pyrahi is a dough wrapped around a filling and is a traditional Doukhobor food.  We made bean, pea, potato and cottage cheese.  I really wanted to make squash too but didn't have a can of pumpkin and didn't want to run to the store to get some.

We'll serve these with salad and a home made soup.  You can top them with butter and sour cream.  That's the traditional way but really you could put any topping on them you want.  They are fairly bland tasting so you would be fun to spice them up a bit or even add a bit of meat to some of them.  We'll try that next time cause this was only our second time for making these.

I'm sure the husband's mom would be appalled at how they are shaped but we just made them the way they seemed easiest.  They are supposed to be almost braided on top or something but heck that would take too long.  So now…

Darn Mouth

Today was one of those days that I should have just kept my mouth shut.  Every time I opened it something stupid came out.  It was like my brain was on holiday and my mouth could say all the stupid things it never gets to normally.

Please send me "shut up" thoughts tomorrow.  I'm sure there are a few more people out there I haven't insulted, hurt or said something insensitive to yet and I'd rather not have any more people upset with me.

Well My Goodness!

Who would think guys in their 60's could rock for 2 hours?   The other night we took the kids to an April Wine concert.  The kids hadn't had a chance to go to a  rock concert and since the husband and I used to be regular concert goers we decided to treat them.  April Wine were recently awarded the Lifetime Achievement award in Canada so no small feat.  This is a band that began in 1969 and there is only one original member and one member from the 70's.  One original member has died and the drummer retired when he was 70. But the original member is the lead singer so the sound is the same.

This is a band that is very professional and made our small venue of only 765 people (sold out of course) feel like we were not just another small town where they didn't have to work too hard.  They didn't even have a back up band.  They came on and played full out for 2 hours!  I was not only amazed but very impressed that they worked that hard for our small town.

Just goes to s…

Do You Ever

Do you ever have one of those nights when you just can't settle down and get to sleep.  It's not like I'm stressed about anything or have a reason not to be able to sleep.  I tried sleeping and then was rolling around so much I decided to get up for a bit and go on the computer.  I'd read but that will keep me up longer.  I can never understand people who read to put themselves to sleep.  If I'm reading a good book I'll end up staying up way too late reading cause it's just too good to put down. 

My mom is in her room now and doing very well.  She was supposed to be home on Sunday but I think they realized that was a bit too early and it looks like it will be Monday morning.  I'll be hopping up to see her tomorrow cause I know she's getting bored.  It must be so frustrating not to be able to do everything for yourself like go to the toilet or just hop out of bed and do something.  There won't be any hopping for her for awhile.  She has a very lo…