Lots of Chocolate

That's what I put in the kid's Easter baskets.  I also put in some shorts, tshirt and a video game for the son and a microphone for the daughter for her iPod.  They were happy.

What we didn't do is decorate eggs this year.  No one really likes hard boiled eggs that much so we don't do them.  I was going to blow the eggs and then we could paint or use felt pens on eggs but we didn't even do that.  I'm getting rather lame in my old age. 

I don't have any pictures to share because we didn't take any.  Usually I take pictures of the kids sitting on the couch with their Easter baskets but the husband gave them their baskets before I could get a picture.  We didn't have much time because we had to get ready to drive out to the in law's for lunch and supper.

The drive takes about an hour and a half so we got there just in time for lunch.  Then we chatted and sat around and watched the stupid hockey games.  Dumb Canucks, and that's all I'm going to say about that.

On the way home we had a wonderful view of a bald eagle as it flew up off the road.  I think it was trying to pick up some road kill cause I noticed a dead bird on the side of the road.  I've never seen an bald eagle that close before and if the road wasn't so windy and narrow I'd have stopped the car and attempted to get a picture but it flew off into the trees and even if I could have stopped most likely I wouldn't have got a picture of it.  We saw a ton of deer too.  I'm glad they were not too close to the road cause I hate it when I see them trying to cross the road.  So many are hit and killed or worse maimed to die in agony later. 

The kids have tomorrow off from school too so we are going to my parents for supper.  Everyone is bringing a dish so mom doesn't have to cook.  If the weather is good we may attempt some yard work or hide some eggs outside for the kids to find.  There are only my two and my sister's daughter who is 17 so not really kids but it's still fun to hunt eggs.  Last year we did a scavenger hunt for the kids instead of an egg hunt.  They got money instead of chocolate.  Each clue led to a plastic egg inside of which was some money and the next clue.  There was a pot of gold at the end of the hunt of $10.  I think the kids found about $20 each from this and they had a blast with our clues.  We were trying to limit chocolate and junk food and find a way to still have a hunt for something they  like so money seemed a good option for teens. Instead of chocolate in those plastic eggs they found a coin or coins and the next clue.  Each kid had their clues color coded so if they found someone elses clue they knew and didn't take it.  Each one had different clues so one kid couldn't scoop everything.  Blue plastic eggs were for the son, red eggs were for the daughter and yellow eggs were for the niece.

Okay that paragraph was way too long.  I really need to remember my grammar rules better.  And I know I break the "Good Blog" rules by not posting more pictures but I don't take many pictures and the ones I take aren't that great.  I compare my pictures to what I see other people take and wonder what the heck I'm doing wrong.  I know it's not my camera cause I've got a good one.  I just don't have "the eye" for taking pictures.  Maybe one day I'll take some time to take better pictures.

So we had a wonderful Easter even if we spent over 3 hours in the car.  The weather was sunny and glorious.


Mama Pea said…
A fun Easter reminisce. Sounds like you had a nice day this year also. Lots of chocolate? Well, if you don't get lots of chocolate on Easter, when can you?? No matter how old the "kids" get, I think they still enjoy the spirit of baskets, eggs, and goodies.
Erin said…
You do way better than I do, we don't even have baskets LOL, I just give the kids one of my harvest buckets and away they go to find the eggs! I don't do any other sort of gift or anything, so I'd say you're a pretty good mama!
Sparkless said…
Mama Pea it was such a beautiful sunny spring day we had no choice but to have a wonderful day!

Erin we just used plain baskets this year because the Easter ones we use every year got put somewhere during our renovation and we can't find them now. So the kids Easter baskets were just plain baskets with no handles. They didn't seem to care. I always feel guilty for my daughter because she is the youngest grandchild right now and now misses out on alot of the fun the older ones got to participate in. Good thing she doesn't know it. LOL!
judy said…
one of these days I would love to do the scavenger hunt thing sounds like so much fun. my grandson Devin ate all his chocolate and NO dinner

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