Well My Goodness!

Who would think guys in their 60's could rock for 2 hours?   The other night we took the kids to an April Wine concert.  The kids hadn't had a chance to go to a  rock concert and since the husband and I used to be regular concert goers we decided to treat them.  April Wine were recently awarded the Lifetime Achievement award in Canada so no small feat.  This is a band that began in 1969 and there is only one original member and one member from the 70's.  One original member has died and the drummer retired when he was 70. But the original member is the lead singer so the sound is the same.

This is a band that is very professional and made our small venue of only 765 people (sold out of course) feel like we were not just another small town where they didn't have to work too hard.  They didn't even have a back up band.  They came on and played full out for 2 hours!  I was not only amazed but very impressed that they worked that hard for our small town.

Just goes to show that those bands that are around for over 30 years have a reason for being around that long that goes beyond talent.  It reminded me of that saying that goes something like "No one will remember what you said or did but they will remember how you made them feel."

The daughter enjoyed it but would have liked it better if it was a band she was familiar with.  The son on the other hand sulked through most of the concert.  Some of his friends thought he was lucky to have parent who would take him to a concert like that but the son just doesn't see it.  I tried to tell him that living in such a small meant there weren't  many bands that would actually stop here to play.  We were lucky to get to see a band this good.  We managed to get a few pictures and video before the usher told us to stop filming.  LOL!  As soon as the daughter downloads them onto the computer I'll post them.

If you want see April Wine check out you tube cause there is a few videos there.


Erin said…
don't worry, they will thank you when they are about 30! You did good by taking them, glad you had a great time!
Sparkless said…
Yes, hopefully that'll be the case. It's either that or we traumatized him for life! LOL!
TheBlakkDuchess said…
Ah well... Parents have to do SOMETHING to traumatize their kids... It's like an unwritten law or something somewhere... XD

And if the worst that ever happens to him is that he was forced to attend a rock concert, he's a lucky kid indeed! =D

I'm enjoying my English class this quarter, but am loathing my statistics class, due to having the instructor from HELL. T_T

But I love school too, and fully plan on taking classes til I die. ^-^

Hope you have an awesome weekend!
Sparkless said…
Duchess, I loved my stats class. I hope you find someone to help you out. Nothing worse than a horrible teacher.
I'd be a full time eternal student if I could.

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