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Some Good News Please

Do you ever yearn for good news about anything to turn things around when stuff sucks?  Well that's my day today.  I could really use any bit of good news cause everything else is sucking so badly I can barely hang on.  The husband is doing what he usually does which is being a total idiot.  Enough said on him.  Money, well we don't have enough for food, my back hurts every morning and our house is pretty much falling down around us.  Plus the board I'm on is not doing well at all.  There is 10 people on the board at this time and seven of them are leaving at the end of June.  We can't have a board with only three people on it.  Parents just don't get it or care that without the volunteer board the club can't run for the kids.  It's frustrating and I'm ready to dump the whole thing and run for the hills.

I'm tired, bone tired.  So tired I could lay down and never get up.  I'm worried about so many things and I have no way to fix any of them.  I …

Recipe For Memories

I was terribly deprived as a child.  I've just found out and I'm not happy.  Seems most people have wonderful memories of meals their mom's made them.  They even had special things their mom's made!  I've been reading the book "A Homemade Life" by Molly Wizenberg.  It's a wonderful book that combines a heartwarming story with each recipe and reads very much like a novel.  

Could this be the reason I don't cook?  I never had a mom who cooked.  Well she cooked but what she cooked I have very little good memories of.  Actually I have many bad memories of her food.  Like the roast she would cook once a week, or should I say, over cook once a week.  We would have a roast with potatoes and some over cooked frozen vegetable.  Then the next night we'd have left over roast, even dryer than the first night, choke.  On the third night we'd have stroganoff which may have been okay but I didn't like mushrooms so I hated it.  If there was any left …

Sunny Spring

Spring has sprung and this year it's started with a beautiful sunny day.  I can't complain about the the weather too much until it heats up so hot you can fry an egg on the sidewalk but until then it will be wonderful!

We are going to go buy some flowers to plant and I know it's early but our crocuses are up and blooming so I'm sure some of the more hardy plants will be find even if it goes a bit cold at night.  Or I just might buy some cut flowers to enjoy.  I'll let the kids decide.

Still haven't had any coffee yet today and it's 11am.  I hardly slept all night cause my nose was stuffed up and I would wake up from the loud snoring noises I was making.  I hate when that happens.  I think I'm allergic to my bed.  It's an old futon thing and I think it may be time to dump it.  Or I'm just getting old and when I lay down my nose plugs up. 

This getting older thing is starting to really suck.  I was going to get old gracefully but now I think I'…

Saint Patrick's Day

Top of the morning to you.  I see you aren't wearing green so I get to punch you in the arm.  Remember when you were kids and you waited all year to do that to someone on St. Paddy's Day?  It was either that or to give them the birthday bumps.  The birthday bumps was when you stood behind the person, held them by the arms and bumped your knee into their bum, hopefully not too hard.  There was also the Royal bumps which was when four people each took an arm or leg and would raise and lower the birthday person up and down so their bum would hit the ground.  You had to do this as many times as their age plus one for good luck.  It was a violent time when I was growing up. 

Now you aren't even allowd to touch each other in elementary school.  They can't even play games like pat'a cake cause that means they have to touch someone else.  It's a bit silly but I guess they have to draw the line somewhere.

My kids haven't grown up with these silly customs but I did. …


Thinking about being environmental today.  I think my family does pretty well as we have one of what most people have two or more of.  For example we have only one car.  The husband walks to work and I work at home so we don't drive it often.  We have only one bathroom even though I consider this a bad thing for me it's a good thing for the environment.  We have only one tv and only one cell phone that the husband and I share.

Our car, cell phone and bathroom are all 10 years old or over (the bathroom is much older but I don't know how much older).  Our tv was replaced at Christmas because our old one's picture was getting really poor.  The car is making a weird sound and we'll have to fix it soon before it stops working but there is no money for that right now.  The bathroom doesn't work well at all and if you have been reading this blog you'll know my problems with the bathroom.

I have been considering getting a new cell phone because the one we have isn&…

Spring Tonic

I am in need of a spring tonic.  I need something that will make me feel young and have energy, something that will melt all the excess fat off my body and something that will take away the lines of stress and worry on my face.  Do you think someone makes such a tonic?  Some people believe spring is like a tonic but I know better.  Spring is when all the work starts.  It's when I never have enough money to even make a dent in the jobs I'd like to get done.

I've grown not to like spring much.  Our patio furniture is on it's last legs and we have no seating outside that is comfortable.  Our gardens are in need of some good mulch and topsoil but alas we never seem to have enough money to buy some.  I know we could make some but we don't have any space to have a compost pile that wouldn't be smack in the middle of the yard which would make it rather an eye sore and an inconvenience.  If we put it on either side at the back of the yard it would be right under our ne…

Well That's Weird

I can't get access to view my own blog! What is up with that? I can make a new post so I'll do that and see if I can get access that way.

Speaking of weird I had something happen today that scared the crap out of me. I was shopping with my kids when all of a sudden I had a dizzy spell. I thought I was going to faint. Lucky I was pushing a shopping cart at the time so I just put my head down and stopped moving for a minute praying I didn't faint. It passed but I was left feeling really shaken.

What really freaked me out was the thought of passing out and the kids being on their own or even the thought of what would have happened if I had been driving when it happened! I quickly left the store and had to drive home but we don't live far from where we were. At the slightest sign of dizziness I would have pulled over but I was fine.

No I do not have high blood pressure. I've recently taken my blood pressure and it's always been fine, not even borderline but …