Spring Tonic

I am in need of a spring tonic.  I need something that will make me feel young and have energy, something that will melt all the excess fat off my body and something that will take away the lines of stress and worry on my face.  Do you think someone makes such a tonic?  Some people believe spring is like a tonic but I know better.  Spring is when all the work starts.  It's when I never have enough money to even make a dent in the jobs I'd like to get done.

I've grown not to like spring much.  Our patio furniture is on it's last legs and we have no seating outside that is comfortable.  Our gardens are in need of some good mulch and topsoil but alas we never seem to have enough money to buy some.  I know we could make some but we don't have any space to have a compost pile that wouldn't be smack in the middle of the yard which would make it rather an eye sore and an inconvenience.  If we put it on either side at the back of the yard it would be right under our neighbours window and I'm sure they wouldn't appreciate the smell of a good old compost pile mouldering away all summer.  And please don't even tell me that a compost pile has no smell, it does.  It smells like rotting stuff like it should.   It's really not possible when you have such a small yard so close to your neighbours to produce enough compost to make a difference.  Instead we bring all our organic refuse to the dump where they have a large compost.  You can buy compost from them but alas the money is never there for us to do so.

We usually make a great effort to get all the stupid gardens cleaned out for summer.  But the husband is always over zealous with his weeding and pretty much pulls out all the plants.  We end up with many empty spots.  I buy some flowers to fill in but I can never afford enough to make the gardens as nice as they should look and the weeds come back so fast that I don't bother.  Better to have weeds than bare dirt for the cats to poop in.

I'd grow my own plants from seeds but there is no where in my house I could do that even with a grow light.  We have no windows and very little natural light.  There isn't even a spare spot I could set up a little pot of things, believe me I've tried and they've died.

And I just noticed that something has changed on blogger.  I don't see my spell check button at the top like I should.  What is going on?!!  I hate when they change stuff and don't tell anyone.  I need that stupid spell check or I'll be forever having to edit posts.  If I check them I always miss something.  I even miss stuff when I use the spell checker cause it won't catch everything.   So if you notice any spelling errors or typos don't be telling me about it cause if there was a spell checker still on blogger I'd be using it.  Grrr

So what was I talking about?  Spring, yes, spring that I don't like so much anymore.  Can't buy any plants, can't do anything with the gardens, can't have a nice patio set that isn't falling apart and basically unsafe to sit on so I pretty much avoid the yard when I can.  Besides we have no privacy in our yard.  It's like being an animal on display sitting out there.  We are basically a couple of feet from our neighbours and they are constantly going in and out of their door staring into our yard.  I wish I could plant a big old tree there so it would block their view a bit but it wouldn't grow fast enough. 

So spring is for people with money and energy both of which I have almost nill of.  I'm almost dead most days I feel so lethargic.  I'm hoping the Dr will call me back with an appointment for next week about my dizzy spell but I'll probably have to call them.  It's not like they actually care about me or anything.  Sheesh!

And spring break for my kids has begun.  They get two weeks off.  It's way too long and they are bored already.  I've had to take my son's video games away or he'd just lock himself in his room and never be heard from again until it was time to return to school.  I think I'm the one who could really use a vacation.  I haven't had one in 14 or more years.  Yes, you heard me right.  No vacation in 14 years!!!!  So if I seems a bit cranky that's probably why.  You'd feel cranky too if you never had a vacation.


GardenofDaisies said…
I have a little quote that has been a favorite of mine for years.

"It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness."
-C. Spurgeon

I hope that in spite of some of life's little frustrations, your world will be a happy place today.

Take care my friend.
Sparkless said…
Lovely quote.
Unfortunately I don't have the energy for enjoyment these days.

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